Your Week Ahead: February 7 to 13, 2021 – Circles Of Generosity

6 of Coins, 3 of Coins, and 6 of Cups, from the Golden Tarot created by Kat Black.

A mind that is in balance is open to receive as well as to give. This week, we have a reading that shows an intersection between people that is harmonious and of free spirit. Each card represents a relationship to energy flowing through us and how we express that, either creatively or physically.

When we are giving from our overflow, meaning when we are nourished and in balance within, we are able to come out of ourselves and share something that often people will need. We could find ourselves communicating with others or sharing experiences, or sharing of our energy in some form. We find ourselves as a participant in life’s recycling process and are happy to do it for it brings us a sense of being alive and connected.

The energy given is then recycled further by those receiving it and they then find themselves inspired or renewed, enabling them to feel connected. Each person might express it differently but the energy is alive and working through them. They might have an idea that they want to put into words or music, which will then give them the opportunity to share this energy propelling it even further.

Inevitably, we feel our self-worth more closely because, in the sharing, it is not shut down by shame or guilt or any other resistance. We shine our light for others to see and it is recognized for its value. It inspires others because of its connection to abundance and flow. We are participating in a circle of generosity that continues to replenish itself over and over, gaining momentum and multiplication.

Whenever we share our energy freely, it circles back to us in some form. We are not interested in controlling this process for we understand the restrictive qualities of that approach. This would only lead to an imbalance of relationships where ulterior motives that are fundamentally based on a scarcity mindset are revealed.

“I had to work hard for what I’m about to give to you, and now you owe me something in return.” An approach like this is not about abundance and unconditional sharing. It is facing the wrong direction and an inversion of how the universe works.

The moment we connect our overflow with personal power is the moment we disconnect ourselves from love. It only perpetuates the need for greater power and control. It is a subtle thing to be aware of, but an important one.

With the week starting off with the 6 of Coins, we might find ourselves sharing something or receiving something from another person. Either way, it will represent a kind of initiation of energy, which will give it life and expansion as it unfolds throughout the week.

We get to participate in this generosity by coming back to our own space and finding an outlet, as shown in the 3 of Coins. It is a happy feeling of creativity and expression where we are connected to physical, spiritual, and intellectual domains.

What we have participated in, we have shared also. In returning to the “6” (6 of Cups), we also see this idea of circles and cycles, and recycling being played out energetically. We understand the nature of love and how we are replenished and nourished by the freedom in our hearts.

Have the courage to come out and share your light, or to receive a helpful gift of energy. Let it move freely within you and let yourself be moved to express it. As you relax in your appreciation, witness the beauty of the universe saying “thank you” to you. Something wonderful needs to be expressed and we all need to see and hear your voice.

Affirmation: I welcome an expression of love and abundance into my life at this time. Expressing myself freely, I allow this energy to take me deeper into its heart. I celebrate and appreciate the life force flowing through and around me, and am thankful for the reminder that all is truly well.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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