Your Week Ahead: February 14 to 20, 2021 – The Reward of Rest

4 of Swords, Temperance, and The World, from the Golden Tarot created by Kat Black.

The time has come to slow down; slow down our mind, our body and our reactions. We are being guided to take some time for rest and recuperation. Looking at this week’s reading, it is clear that we require a course correction. We may have been on a path toward a potential outcome that could have later revealed itself to be false or at least faulty.

Paying attention to our feelings at the beginning of the week will yield a gentle prodding to enjoy some down time and to find comfort within a safe environment. We may have been pushed too hard last week. Or, maybe we were making a lot of decisions in some haste. Digesting a lot of information quickly may have had us feeling pressured to act.

Whatever the case may be, the message brought to us by the 4 of Swords is: take it easy, and take your time. Give up the “battle” or the mental stress of trying to figure it all out. A healthy mental break by doing some meditation, or reading a good book with some warm tea will take our focus away from material that was causing tension. Sleeping in or taking a nap will also be of benefit. Put on some beautiful music and enjoy the simplicity and contentment that is afforded to us now.

In our rest, we will feel guided to make some adjustments to whatever we were working on recently. Temperance is the card of creativity and art. It is the process by which we break down components in order to express them differently. To temper something, we need to rework material so that it produces greater strength and integrity. This takes time, and more, we can’t rush this process, nor would we want to.

It is vital that we appreciate this time of moderation, reassessment and recreation. Pay attention to clues that are given to you through your intuition and dreams. Do you have all the facts? How do you know what you know? Is your product as bulletproof as you think? Are your conclusions sound? By asking some of these questions, we can go deeper into our assumptions and endeavour to make revisions.

We might discover that there is a lot of extraneous material that would benefit by a healthy purge. In creating something of lasting value, whether it is a creative expression, a mindset, or a physical space, eliminating the superfluous lightens the load of irrelevancy. Its structure is stabilized and its contents fortified.

The value in penetrating our assumptions and products of expressions shows itself in where we move to next. Indeed, it looks as if the result of our efforts will reward us with a feeling of completion. The meaning of The World in our reading suggests that we were quite close to a completion of some kind. It is indicating that just a small nudge has immense implications for success.

As the angel in the Temperance card gazes lovingly at the figure in The World card, taking great care in what you do now will have the potential to take you to new chapters in life as you express yourself within this new paradigm that you have created. There is an opening of sorts toward the end of the week, and beyond. It might be an opportunity; it might be a sensation of how well you’ve done. Enjoy this process of self-development and expansion. See where it takes you. You’ve done the work, and it appears you’ve done it well. Take some extra time this week to ensure that you have. Feel appreciation for what you have created, for that is the key that will unlock its value.

Affirmation: I listen to my inner voice that guides me towards stillness and clarity. I enjoy this process of refining my life and expressing myself with greater authenticity. May all that I do lead me to the conclusions that affirm and sustain my well-being, and that lay the foundation for my wonderful unfolding future.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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