Your Week Ahead: February 28 to March 6, 2021 – What Are You Worth?

Ace of Coins, 8 of Swords, and Queen of Coins, from the Golden Tarot created by Kat Black.

To understand one’s worth, as it relates to self-esteem and consequently self-identity, we are inevitably confronted with that which had once challenged us or instilled doubt in our mind about our capabilities. For instance, if you were laughed at in school for being a shy child and slow to respond, you may have struggled with anxiety when addressing peer groups as an adult. The idea that our contribution is not valuable enough or that it is not popular, can leave us with a lingering self-image that is untrue.

Or it might be that whenever you experienced a personal success, someone or something else stepped in and deemed it secondary or inconsequential. This may have seeded in you a pattern of thought that suggested that it was more important for you to serve and acknowledge others rather than your own hard work and achievements.

I’m sure we all have experienced some form of opposition to our dreams, wishes and successes. Often, it is a repeating cycle where we build up an important vision, where the focus of our intentions become fused with a heartfelt desire for creative expansion and tactile relationship with our physical reality. It is a moment to feel utterly alive and full of purpose. This is the meaning of life and it is our right.

Perhaps it is not really a cyclic experience but something that looks more like a spiral. For in truth, we may feel like we have come back to a place where we have been before, but we are never the same person as once were. Our past has shaped, steered, and moved us to be different and to have different choices available to us. The key is recognizing this and not being attached to our old identity, along with all of those past conditions.

Understandably, those conditions play through our mind, and our emotional body remembers the sensation of being defined and restricted by them. It can be challenging to peel back the layers of our past and our reactions, often being left with self-judgements about being unable to address it then and feeling disheartened about how we could have let it all happen.

“If only I had the strength and awareness I have now, that would have never happened.” When we look at this statement, we can see so clearly the image of the spiral at work. We may have returned to a similar situation, but we have an incredible ability to make an alternative response. Herein, lies our power; it is only waiting for us to take the blindfold off and claim it. Then, we can walk away from the swords that have been planted and free ourselves of their apparent limitation.

As we start the week, look for clues or ideas about beginning something creative. It may be a message or a sensation that you have what you need at this time, almost as if it comes to you through your powers of attraction. The Ace is the beginning, the idea, the impulse, and the initiative. Coins represent energy, the earth and growth – and the environment in which things grow. That environment is the container we call self-esteem or self-worth.

To think that the suit of Coins is only about wealth or finances is missing a valuable point. Pentacles, Coins, or Disks, as they are sometimes referred to, describes our relationship to the energy of creation. If we plant a seed in the earth and it matures into a stalk of corn or a tomato plant, we can sustain ourselves by such a harvest. If there are many varieties of vegetables in our harvest, we could even profit monetarily from these gifts of the earth. Such are the roots of this suit and its relationship to the nourishment of the soil and what freely grows from it.

Simply to witness this and participate in this activity, one can directly feel the energy involved, and no doubt, a deep appreciation of it. If we can become aware of the events that are linked in the act of seeding, the sprouting of the seeds, the care of the land, the cultivation and harvest of the crop, the value created by the harvest, the benefits of food and money as a result, and finally the means to begin this cycle again, is to fully understand the energy of true wealth. It is our relationship and participation with this abundant flow of life force that creates within us a sense of awe and of inherent self-value, or self-worth.

As I described principally above, the 8 of Swords will be the opportunity to pass beyond limitations imposed on us in the past, by which we are still somewhat defined. Look to the past for information, not affirmation. The present is where we affirm our truth; the past is where we decide what is true. Be loving to yourself and forgiving of past choices. Today is what matters most, so place your faith in the wisdom you have now to see and act with clarity and decisiveness. I particularly love how the woman in the 8 of Swords is touching her heart.

Clearly, this process is resulting in a newfound connection with our purpose and our authenticity. The Queen of Coins shows a direct contact with our true self and how that is expressed in the physical world. She represents the journey we’ve been on and the embodiment of healthy choices. Her message is one of holistic balance and well-being.

She is the cultivating principle of love and nourishment, showing us that, through small adjustments to our perceptions of limitation, we can realize a much larger potential of who we are and where we really want to be. She is the gravitational point of the week, the point of destination, the realization, and the growth that has manifested for us and taken us somewhere new.

Affirmation: I am precisely where I am meant to be. There has never been a better time to do what I love than right now. I see myself as a happy and free individual, and I have the opportunity now to express that happiness and freedom.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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