Your Week Ahead: March 7 to 13, 2021 – The Clarity Of Prosperity

Ace of Swords, King of Coins, and 6 of Cups, from the Golden Tarot created by Kat Black.

This week’s reading is a wonderful follow up to last week’s reading entitled “What Are You Worth?”. In it, I described the confrontations we have with old stories and paradigms that seem to hold us back every time we are on the verge of new growth. The 8 of Swords had a feeling of shutting down the impetus of the Ace of Coins, but inevitably called us forward to embody the Queen of Coins in all her confidence and self-esteem.

In our reading for this week, we again see a powerful Ace card starting off the layout, signalling a decisive and clear mental state. Instead of meeting resistance, we are supported and directed, this time, by the King of Coins. This is a graduation and application of our self-worth. Instead of being blindfolded, we pierce the veil of confusion. Instead of embracing our worth, we open up the way forward for that worth to be expressed.

This is a very outward, exterior kind of reading, as opposed to the interior feeling of last week’s spread. Wherever we left off in our meditations and affirmations, we can see something emerging that is distinct, tangible, and tactile. We move from the mental to the physical to the emotional, which shows the ability to know how we affect change and to foster an environment that is productive, satisfying, and ultimately nourishing for ourselves and others.

The Ace of Swords will be the sensation of passing through to “the other side”, particularly some form of resistance. It is the beginning, the launch, the certainty of logic, and the directional shift toward a productive path. We will feel mentally lighter and freer, as if we have dumped some heavy weight that was keeping us in loops of stories or problems.

If we felt bogged down by a situation that was going nowhere, now we will be seeing things differently. We may come to a realization that, in our need to solve a riddle, we have only been further caught in its web of intricate layers and ingredients. The Ace is a lightning flash of realization where we either cast off that web or know that we must.

From that realization, and ultimately action, we are released and freed to embody and direct substantial change. We may feel as if a pathway has opened up and revealed itself to our perceptions. In a sense, we are always moving forward, but it is the ability to release ourselves from what is holding us back (or what is defining us) that opportunities to move ahead are identified.

Certainly, there will be an opportunity to create a space for ourselves that has some solidity and foundation. We will understand what needs to happen because we are working with multiple components of our project or experience. We see a way forward that is sustainable and well thought out. Having matured through previous levels, we graduate into the next stage whereby this maturity is expressed. This is how we can understand the King of Coins and his message to us.

Having and directing resources might also be a quality we experience at this time. If there is confidence that we have all the info we need, this suggests a good time to move ahead with purchases and investments. Very little appears to be holding us back from the shadows of self-doubt. For those following the lunar cycle, look to just after the New Moon on March 13 to launch a project or initiative. Being free from the complete Mercury Retrograde cycle on the 13th, is also a favourable sign post that we can benefit from.

As the King of Coins embodies our growth and maturity through self-awareness and application, he is also very intent on creating a valuable space for others to do the same. Through his understanding of the flow of life force and sustainability, he seeks to ensure that his endeavours benefit not only himself, but those around him. Rather than it being something based on conditions, he is interested that that energy is appreciated and experienced freely.

There is more than enough, as the 6 of Cups quietly heralds. If, through the clarity of our prosperity, we find ourselves comfortable in our truth and rooted in the authority of its expression, how much more so are we linked to something far greater than ourselves that seeks to bring joy and love to our surroundings. Let your success be shared and celebrated by those around you. The 6 of Cups is the understanding of how energy flows through all things. There is no resistance, only offering and accepting. You have realized something incredibly vital to your happiness. Let others know what you have learned so that they can benefit from your wisdom and generosity.

Affirmation: I am seeing things more clearly now and I embrace the truth that has been revealed to me. I take this knowledge and apply it, utilizing my renewed productive and positive attitude. Seeing the larger picture, I allow myself to direct my plans with confidence and wisdom. If this should benefit others, then so much deeper and satisfying will be my joy.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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