Your Week Ahead: March 14 to 20, 2021 – Right Action

The Hermit, Knight of Swords, and The World, from the Golden Tarot created by Kat Black.

A decision is imminent. Action is needed. Do you have all the info you need? Have you sufficiently prepared yourself so that you can address an important issue? Now is the time and it appears the outcome is taking you to better places.

But before we celebrate too quickly, let us take an opportunity now to make sure we are calm and clear in our mind. Whenever I see the Knight of Swords in a reading, I am always looking for more information in the cards aspecting it or surrounding it. We need to be aware of reckless actions just as much as courageous ones.

The contrast between The Hermit and the Knight of Swords is clearly about reflection vs action. This is a wonderful predisposition to have in any matter requiring decisive measures. The message here is about tuning in to truth, to insights, and to teachers or guides, physical or spiritual. Going over assumptions or conclusions in order to present a case that is strong will be necessary now and will aid in bolstering our confidence.

This may happen with another person we trust, perhaps a mentor, a trusted advisor, or an individual who has knowledge about what we are proceeding with. We can benefit now from receiving information that is in our best interest. We would like to be sure that when it comes time to “strike”, we have the upper hand in terms of self-confidence, self-awareness, and right action that serves our well-being.

Your intelligence and will are strong. Understand your timing and deliver your message with empowerment. If you’ve been holding back up until now because of doubts or insecurities, put them aside and affirm your worth. Here is an opportunity to assert yourself in order to establish the groundwork for the future. Dominate the situation only as much as required. Then, let it go and let the solution flow.

If this is not about an external issue, it could very well be about an internal perception of limitation, especially if fear has caused us to hold back from embracing our visions for ourselves. See how the week unfolds and determine what situation applies and requires direct attention. Keep in mind that whatever takes place internally will ultimately require outward expression. This is the opportunity inherent in every birth.

As this matter is addressed, The World card suggests that not only have you embodied your truth and assertions, you are successful in your ability to heighten your experience and embrace a new sense of purpose and identity. If there was a sense of holding back or feeling thwarted and restricted, now that is dissipating and dissolving.

The birth canal is opening and you are passing through. Resolving and becoming, shedding and emerging, you are renewed and welcomed to a fresh place of awakened presence. You are arriving to begin again. A successful outcome is apparent and it is due to your diligence and sure footing that you have let your sword meet its target.

Affirmation: I take this time now to be calm and collected. I meditate and reach into my innate wisdom and inner guide. I reach out to my spirit guides and ask for assistance. I reach out to trusted individuals who can advise me about personal matters. As I am presented with an opportunity to act, I do so with the full weight of my integrity and power. Having expressed my truth, I let myself be taken to new horizons and wonderful unfolding solutions. My time is now.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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let us be awake.

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