Your Week Ahead: March 21 to 27, 2021 – Small Adjustments

2 of Coins, Page of Swords, and Queen of Coins, from the Golden Tarot created by Kat Black.

Being open to some new perspectives this week might yield some valuable insights into what we think we know about ourselves. What this translates to could also address a financial question, or what we think of as wholesome and nourishing. If we are careful to notice, we could see a pathway open that would call for our involvement in perhaps a new way than we’ve done things previously. We will have some options available to us to consider, particularly what it means to have value in our life and how that value is expressed.

We may be presented with ideas about expanding an investment or changing how we think about earnings. Ideas about how we determine what we earn through beliefs regarding self-esteem. Occasionally, we come across situations where we feel pulled between two apparently disparate discussions. If we examine things closer, we might find that the two are linked.

For example, contrasts between what I do easily and what I procrastinate. Or, the similarity of what is asked of me at work and what my obligations are at home, and how I might feel caught in relationship patterns that feel the same regardless of where I am, whether that is at home or at work. How much I spend versus how much I earn could also be a question that comes up.

The role of self-esteem and self-worth are a central force that binds many of these types of polarities. This isn’t to say that if we are full of confidence, these issues go away. But they are more likely to have less impact on our decision making process once their oppositional qualities are replaced by the certainty of our own energy.

Obviously, life is full of uncertainty and the meaning of our existence is not to bolster ourselves against adversity and strive for “full on” determination or action. Such an approach might lead down a very egotistical path where we cut ourselves off from potential growth via the unknown and untried. Indeed, life tends to trip us up just when we think we have it all figured out.

That is when curiosity comes in very handy. The innocent at heart have the whole world to consider because they have not deemed it a threat. Small adjustments to our thinking will go a long way now. If we find ourselves having a rather fixed opinion about what is possible, we should examine why that is and where we have formulated that belief. Just because we feel something is true doesn’t mean it is.

The more we ask questions, the less fixated we are on ensuring that everyone’s agreement is necessary for our peace of mind. One only needs to read a Facebook or Twitter comment thread to witness how intolerant people can be and exhibit so little acceptance toward a differing opinion.

This week, we will benefit from using what we know and being curious about what it means to have understanding. If we find ourselves asking questions that we haven’t asked before as a result of feeling off balance in some area, understand that we are being prompted to think differently and approach things in a new fashion.

We don’t have to stray too far off the path in order for this experiment to succeed, but we should surrender our foothold just enough so that we sense ourselves growing. The polarity or contrast indicated by the 2 of Coins, and the flexible enquiries of the Page of Swords, will lead to a destination of self-understanding as shown by the Queen of Coins. The figures in the preceding two cards are both in similar landscapes and are both gazing directly at her, which heighten her message and unfolding quality.

What feels evident is that we have examined an alternative and have opened our mind to more options. We have taken the best of these scenarios and internalized them. More importantly, we have done so without losing our identity. That is the most important lesson we can ever learn in addressing questions outside of our belief system. Value what you know, be open to what is unknown, and know what is ultimately true for you.

The Queen is gentle. She is not concerned with convincing anyone of anything. She knows. And what she knows is sufficient. Her knowledge is a cumulation of sustained growth which has been nourished and harvested over many years and many experiences. Open your heart to the unknown this week, don’t be afraid to ask questions, see where it takes you, and at the end, formulate your own conclusions. From this premise you will be unfaltering.

Affirmation: I have an opportunity to investigate a situation that feels off in some way. I have the space and time to look and see if I can learn something new about myself now. What I learn will always serve me and my highest potential. When I feel comfortable, I can decide what is the best course of action because I know myself better than anyone else. I am my best friend.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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