Your Week Ahead: March 28 to April 3, 2021 – The Fire That Is Constant

King of Wands, 8 of Cups, and The Emperor, from the Golden Tarot created by Kat Black.

There is a plan, like a well stoked fire, waiting, crackling and radiant with heat. It has been burning within us for some time and we have done well to keep it alive with logs of stored dried wood. We have ensured that we have a healthy supply of it nearby. It is alive and robust, not aggressive or unrestrained.

Such is our attentiveness to our visions and desires. The King of Wands is a specialist and a decisive individual. He is sharp and ready to act. He has prepared himself for the next step because of his vision and his ability to bring to conclusion matters of importance. His appearance in this week’s reading is significant and highlights these abilities with a deeper purpose.

Before we get to The Emperor, we see a contraction. It is as if we take a step back for a few days to let things clear naturally. If the King is ready to act, the 8 of Cups suggests to pause. We don’t need to push. Everything is lined up and ready and we’ve done our work. For whatever reason, the other side hasn’t opened up yet perhaps due to some piece of information that is needed to surface.

This is precisely the time to establish what we value. We are looking at leaders in these cards, and to be a leader, one must be willing to stray from what others have predestined for them. They break off from the herd, from groupthink and from energy that seeks to engulf it within their parameters of what is deemed correct behaviour and thought.

It is essential to take what we know to a deeper level and to be present with it with unwavering attention. The fire beside the king becomes the devotional hearth in the 8 of Cups. But what are we preparing for? If we are to succeed as leaders, our integrity must be rock solid. That means we have questioned ourselves more than others have. When we are deliberate about going inwards, we meet our unconscious self with more productive power and more creative resolve. We are actively creating conditions for our future through the use of intention and positive vibrational thought.

Whether we are being called to lead or are leading ourselves forward, patience during the middle of the week will prove to be invaluable and ultimately rewarding. It can be a time to investigate the inner plan, to align with restraint and positive non-action. The fire needs to be tended, not overfed lest it consume us entirely, going off on tangents.

In worldly terms, this could represent a time of preparing a case. Something might be presented to a higher authority later in the week that needs time to mature. There is a process to everything and even though a pause is taken, strategically, we are in a position of advantage.

In personal terms, moving from the King of Wands to The Emperor via the 8 of Cups is about growth, a promotion, a vindication, or a manifestation that has large implications. If you’ve applied for a job, this spread suggests preparation and patience with the possible outcome being very favourable in terms of the oversight and responsibilities involved.

If nothing noteworthy occurs of this nature, simply following this progression illustrates a maturation to receive more dominion over one’s life. How we advance in anything personal has a great deal to do with how we perceive our ability to lead our own affairs. Self-authority, delineating respectful boundaries, identifying and addressing – and thus correcting – any imbalances in our lives will be very effective now.

This also applies to anything that tries to pull us away from what we feel is right in the name of “morality” or “duty”. Instinctual knowledge is much more than self-knowing. It is a direct connection to the multidimensional aspects of our being. We are connected to the Earth, the Universe, the prowess and sinews of our animal nature with our totem spirits moving in and out of physical time and space, and to our senses acutely attuned.

If we can remember to harness our fire to remain constant with vigilance and awareness, and to understand the value of restraint, particularly as an asset in effective strategic timing, we will then step into ourselves with much greater weight and respect.

Many things in life are outside our control. Said another way, many things in life have their proper timing. Once we understand and intuit this energetic law, we will move with a natural rhythm rather than coerce it. However, all indications show that we are moving right on schedule, and more, that we are working with all the elements that are propelling us to greater heights and lasting achievements.

Affirmation: I have prepared well for the tasks at hand. In my affirmations, I know my purpose and feel my truth. As I rest in intentional repose, I allow myself to progress to the next level naturally and in an effortless way. I embrace what is next and I trust that I will know what needs to be done.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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