Your Week Ahead: April 4 to 10, 2021 – Our Rightful Place

Ace of Swords, 8 of Swords, and King of Swords, from the Golden Tarot created by Kat Black.

Confronting doubt is just as much about sifting through information as it is about finding confidence. However, before we can experience the latter, it is important to understand that there will be a period where our knowledge will be tested. In this landscape, we are juxtaposed between the present and the past, between what I know and what I’ve known, between what I believe and and what I was taught.

This week’s reading is very curious. We start off with a card of heightened clarity and mental breakthrough, followed by a card that casts us in the shadow of stories we either believe or that we’ve internalized from others. So right away, this is about confronting these two paradigms: clarity and confusion.

The Ace of Swords will bring us so close to the “truth” that it will be unmistakable in its effect on us. For this spread to start with such raw information is a gift, and a powerful one at that. Be aware of synchronicities or information coming directly to you either from others or from your innate wisdom. Whatever this week is about for you will commence with a healthy start and you’ll “know” things instinctually, or at least feel them to be as such if you should hear something externally.

What happens next is going to take us deep. Where there is depth, there is the “past” along with all the imprints of our memories. The stored library of the unconscious is the internalization of coping mechanisms we employed during confused states of being. While there is much that may be joyous in our past, usually those things are not preventing us from moving forward.

What restricts us now are the stories that had planted seeds of self-doubt in our mind which then made us receptive to their influence. When we are passive, we are prone to accept limitations imposed on us by authority. When we are assertive, this tendency is bypassed as our individuation process becomes active and our psyche takes on a leadership role in our decisions.

This isn’t only about what may have stopped us when we were young. Very often, this is about how we formulate beliefs about what we are capable of now based on those early impressions. The 8 of Swords concerns all the internalized limitations imposed on us. No one is around doing this physically; it shows how we perceive their voices as still being active and still having an impact. It is not so easy to dismiss. Over the years, these voices may have become very strong.

What is important to understand here, is that if we can first identify the restrictive elements as an internal state and come to terms with their origins, we will have far greater success addressing the circumstances or individuals that are perpetuating those patterns in our external lives. Nothing of any lasting merit will occur if it is not addressed within. It will always be subject to retraction as we will be disposed to overcompensate with actions built within a framework that is foundationally insecure.

If we are to embrace something unique and special in our personal growth, we’ll need to make peace with all that once held us back. This can take the form of forgiveness, both towards others and to ourselves. Forgiving someone doesn’t nullify the harm that was imposed on us intentionally or otherwise. It is the acceptance that such a weight no longer bears any significance upon our judgement of what is possible.

Many might say that they simply forgot about such experiences as a way to disassociate from them, but I would challenge that. In matters of great personal significance, these things are never forgotten. They are ignored and often repressed. Ultimately, one must have the integrity to know the difference.

This isn’t about dwelling in the past or reactivating old memories and their vibrations. Quite the contrary, it is about bringing light and love to those shadowy parts of ourselves and exposing their meaningless grip on us. It is precisely the opportunity to tell a new story and to reframe deeply patterned language. When we do this intentionally, the merits are incredible.

Bring the clarity of the Ace into the depths of the 8 of Swords and let that light shine for a while, dispersing any old voices that suggested you be something other than what you want. It might be uncomfortable work but well worth the attention. Be kind and understanding to yourself and know that just because something happened before, doesn’t predestine you to follow the same path.

Taking our rightful place upon the seat of self-authority occurs when we are at peace with ourselves. We move beyond the need to prove our ability for they are now expressions of our external personality. Stepping into the King of Swords is the claiming of our knowledge and wisdom.

He represents the other side of doubt. It is deeper than confidence, deeper than truth. He represents our ability to lead with impeccability, integrity and honesty. When we lead, we raise everything around us to that high standard. We “know” and “see” where others do not because we have removed the obscurations that defined us.

This week, take what you know to be true and right, and be brave in confronting ideas or voices that caused you to question that truth. Is it a goal or purpose in life? Is it a belief about what you can accomplish? Is it about your ability to respond in some area? Do you feel locked down and dictated to? Or is it about finally taking a stand? At the end of the week, be bold. The world needs more boldness.

Affirmation: I have the knowledge I need now to make informed decisions about my life and my direction. Because I am at peace with those parts of myself that previously held me back, I am at peace with all things around me. Standing up, I take a calm, deep breath and gaze over my world that hums with a vibration of powerful love.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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