Your Week Ahead: April 18 to 24, 2021 – Safeguarding Our Work

10 of Wands, 10 of Cups, and King of Swords, from the Golden Tarot created by Kat Black.

What we work towards this week, has been planned for some time. We are setup for success and we are vested with the authority to ensure its future is safeguarded. These past few weeks may have tested us and pushed us to some decisions we were at once planning for and abruptly prompted toward. What is true has remained true; it has only deepened our understanding and our resolve.

At times, we can’t always know where we are headed. Often, the view is blocked by our own efforts to get things done. We are focused upon the tasks at hand and are filled with determination to reach completion. The 10 of Wands characterizes such a state.

To say that our week begins with hard work and having many things on our plate is true. However, this doesn’t arise out of nowhere. This card indicates that many projects or goals are reaching a kind of synthesis. What is occurring is a culmination and a completion of various projects and involvements that require us to move past their hold on us.

We don’t want to be continually defined by something we’re working on. We endeavour to reach a place of harvest where we can finally say “it is done. Finally, I’m finished.” The value in any work is to enjoy the rewards and to bask in the appreciation of a completed cycle of effort. Otherwise, we are limiting ourselves to an identity of labour for labour’s sake. Such a state is easily manipulated and controlled.

At the start of the week, alleviate any feelings of burden by pacing yourself and reaching out to others to see if they can assist you. Many times, people are willing to help but what holds us back is our feeling that no one can really assist with work that we have become so tightly associated with. Expending more energy in explaining our position can feel depleting. Do what you can but also don’t shut yourself off nor lose sight of the bigger picture.

Ultimately, this is temporary and a much needed effort to ensure things are taken care of in a manner that meets our vision. What we are working toward seems to revolve around our home, family, loved ones, and ensuring that our environment is well taken care of. It seems we have an underlying compass of what needs to be looked after as we know full well what is truly important and of deep value.

Again, the 10 of Cups suggests that we have known this for sometime. Two “10” cards is also indicating that we have been working toward some vision that will yield us prosperity and abundance. This is a powerful and beautiful combination for it reveals that we are not just willing to sit back in life. We are inspired to work because we have been inspired with what is possible.

The middle of the week indicates a time of appreciation and recognition of blessings in one’s life. It brings to us feelings of contentment and well-being. It is incredibly important to be open to this energy because it is also deeply transformative. We can understand that we are more than just our work. We are energetic beings that are extensions of a loving force beyond labels, identities, and limitations.

When we become conscious of this, we move past any restrictions imposed upon us by others. When we are immersed in work, we can lose sight of the “why” and find ourselves easily accepting what is predetermined or predefined for us. When we understand the value of where we are headed, we accept more empowerment.

This is the act of self-creation. Being creative means we are not looking to others for guidance nor do we accept rules that are not self-generating. We become curious and open, like a painter or composer. Our minds are filled with hope and enthusiasm. We absorb this radiant state of being as our inherent natural state, free from conceptual limitations or impositions.

Know your worth, know your rights, know yourself – for then, you are never disappointed, never controlled, and never weakened by the ‘neediness’ of external validation.

Such a person is unstoppable, uncontrollable, immovable, and undefinable. People or conditions that are built upon fear or of touting fiction as facts are threatened by the raw power of limitless creative individuals and what they can reveal around them both in others and in their environment. To them, such people must be controlled.

The basic tenet of any relationship is to be your true self. Anything that hinders that must be confronted and transformed, and if needed, released. Arriving at such a place of integrity and immovability is the King of Swords. He has siphoned off the mud from the spring. With his sword, he cuts away what is false. He is calm for he knows what is true. He cannot be outsmarted for he has realized the larger scope of things. He cannot be fooled because he has passed through the dark shadows of lies and false teachers. He is our aid and our embodiment.

He says, “know your worth, know your rights, know yourself – for then, you are never disappointed, never controlled, and never weakened by the ‘neediness’ of external validation.” Be bold, be brave, be authentic, be true. Ensure that you safeguard your hard earned awareness of what is beautiful and limitless, and seek to embody your true powerful potential in every waking moment and in every deep nourishing breath.

Affirmation: I understand the value of what I’m completing at this time. It feels wonderful to know that I can bring to fulfillment many things that are important to me. Such a time shows me how resourceful and powerful I am. This understanding fills me with appreciation for all that I have and all that I am manifesting. In embracing my true self, I stand in integrity and wisdom which rises above any confusion or limitation.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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