Your Week Ahead: April 25 to May 1, 2021 – Power or Force?

Ace of Wands, King of Wands, and 9 of Wands, from the Golden Tarot created by Kat Black.

Invested within us is the seed that sprouts and matures into a towering tree. We become more than what we know and more than what we think is possible. The ground which fertilizes and nourishes us was once the dead leaves and branches of old experiences and completed cycles of learning. To confront life is Force; to meet life is Power. This week, we get to experience something new, and more, an opportunity to differentiate between these two closely linked energies.

What is very evident as we begin our week is that our energy levels will be quite high. We will feel very motivated as if taken over by a newfound determined attitude to accomplish something. Perhaps a door is opening and an opportunity is presenting itself. Whatever is taking place, be alert and don’t be afraid to move on an impulse.

Aces signify new beginnings and a formless kind of energy that is pervasive both within us and in our experience. The Ace of Wands is giving us a powerful impetus to gather our confidence and express ourselves uniquely. This is not rash energy. Rather, it is our access to raw and easily accessed power. Not the power to dominate with but the power we utilize and embrace fully. It is the insecure (and fearful) person who seeks control; the holistic person embraces power as a recognition of the non-dual nature of experience.

That is how our lives become the sacred path: by knowing that all of life is an illusory play that are like mirrors and reflections of our own mind. The only thing we ever battle is our own perceptions.

What is interesting to note is the quick appearance of the King of Wands, right on the heels of the Ace. In my interpretation of this aspect, I see this as a rapid understanding of what needs to be done. It is as if we are going through one of those intense growth spurts, quickly moving from pure energy to mature completion and integration.

If we are to move gracefully into the nature of the king, it is important not to push ourselves too hard. Just on the other side of the king is the 9 of Wands, which we will come to in a moment. That suggests a caution towards burnout. The other caution is about how we relate to authority figures and bosses.

I can’t help but notice the way the angel in the Ace looks directly at the king. Is this a confrontation or an inner recognition? If our ultimate experience is non-dual, then what is the real difference? If we move too quickly, we could bump up against those who have some supervisory role in our lives. However, if we understand the nature of our growth, we come into contact with our inner authority and have much more ability to communicate with maturity and self-certainty.

This would more easily be viewed as a resource rather than a threat if we temper the fire of the wands energy so prevalent this week. We may feel “right” and our self-confidence will be high. If we can also aim to understand the larger picture of something, we will be of more value.

To understand the esoteric nature of the king in this reading is to understand that we act as a king would act even if we are in contact with another king. If we view another as a threat, then that person’s instincts are raised in a similar fashion. That is how our lives become the sacred path: by knowing that all of life is an illusory play that are like mirrors and reflections of our own mind. The only thing we ever battle is our own perceptions.

At the fundament of the reading is the indication of how we can move with determination to accomplish a task we’ve already been thinking about. Every card indicates strength both physically and psychically. This has made us tough and resilient. If we can pace ourselves and utilize this wonderful energy, we will see more sustainable success and gain a deeper insight into our power source.

When I look at the 9 of Wands here, I see two things. First, I see an individual who has been working hard, often without much praise and feeling left to figure things out on his own. While life often gives us our greatest gifts in times of adversity, the experience wears down on us especially as we are driven to accomplishment.

Secondly, as being driven can often feel like a defensive attitude, protecting what is important to us and our vision, I see this card as an indication of integrity. We have pulled through something difficult. In our efforts to see the fulfillment of our aims and goals, we have been steadfast in our commitment to them.

You may have sifted through challengers and intruders, people who didn’t understand you or who were simply projecting their own ideas on you of what they thought was possible. If this sounds familiar, take heart. Many things are working themselves out in your favour. There is wonderful energy surrounding you this week and it appears your timing is good. Make the most of it. Pace yourself and be strategic. Meet authority with respect and with respectful ideas. Be of value. Take the opportunities presented to you and invest in yourself and your future. There is much to look forward to, especially knowing that everything you have done, and are doing, is worthy of the highest praises.

Affirmation: I feel alive today and have access to so much supportive energy. I feel ready to fulfill my tasks and bring to completion many desired goals. I know that I can meet my objectives by pacing myself and standing true to my vision. I allow the universe to assist me and to guide me towards successful work. I can accomplish anything I want.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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