Your Week Ahead: May 2 to 8, 2021 – A Lighter Approach

Page of Swords, 9 of Swords, and 6 of Coins, from the Golden Tarot created by Kat Black.

Difficulties may arise this week which will lure us into feelings of frustration and defeatism. We might feel as though aspects from our past are keeping us in the status quo, feeling unable to move forward in ways we had hoped. What we can do to alleviate this is to take a lighter approach to our situation and to understand that help is close at hand, along with many solutions.

The 9 of Swords is the focal point as it represents a midweek dip into our unconscious and our fears. Something is stirred within that triggers us into thinking we are unable to move past a limitation. This could be about what we think is possible or what is no longer possible, either by what is actually true or by what is inferred to as “truth”.

Often times this card signifies memories surfacing of rather painful arguments or of experiences that confined us and thus shaped our perceptions of our potential. We are reminded of this because we could be in a similar situation where we are trying to embrace something new. The cells in our body remember the sensations of fear and angst, and so we “wake” them up by our desires and curiosity. The page represents such curiosity.

When we are young, the world is open with many potential outcomes to investigate. Coupled with the suit of swords, we see that by being intellectually curious, many possibilities exist for our future growth. This can imply studies and thought analysis that don’t involve one’s own ego or direct life experience. The Page of Swords beside the 9 of Swords shows the contrast between young vs old, immature vs mature, open vs closed.

The issue that can arise is the realization of how we may have acted childish or treated a serious situation carelessly. That may indeed have the feeling as though a previous conflict has been awoken along with how we suddenly see how we could have done better.

Perhaps what arises is how we feel unhappy with where we are today and are disturbed by the notion that we may have missed many opportunities for growth and advancement. This is very understandable and normal. However, we can never know how things would have unfolded had we taken a different path.

The message here is about finding peace with where we are and trusting that we are exactly where we need to be. If we can’t, then we run the risk of being continually defined by failure. This will always lead to blame, pointing fingers, and embodying a victim mentality.

What this does is decentralize our power and puts into motion the perception that we don’t have a say in our lives, and deeper, that we can’t change it. It cuts us off from creativity. Rather than opening up our mind, it further shuts it down.

In this process, we connect to two powerful energies: forgiveness and surrender.

To find acceptance is to let go of the suggestion that nothing else exists but our past. This is an illusion that can easily be transcended. With a little care and attention, take a moment to look around at your life and find even one thing to appreciate. To acknowledge something you did well or are doing well.

You may find that more things come to you that you are happy about. Bring your attention to things that fill you with joy and you will find yourself climbing a ladder out of the darkness and out of the “helplessness”. What is most important is where we are now and what we can do to bring about some small shifts. In this process, we connect to two powerful energies: forgiveness and surrender.

If we can reestablish contact with the more youthful side of ourselves by not being afraid to take a new path, then we can reawaken the curiosity and creativity that is an innate part of our expression as humans. Take a deep breath, and in a lovely full exhale, release what you want to release. Feel the futility of that old pattern and understand how it’s truly no longer relevant.

What appears to open up is an assisting hand of some kind. We can benefit a lot at this time by the generosity of someone, whether that’s a friend, a partner or spouse, a parent or relative, or a boss. If we find ourselves arising out of our shadows and into a kind offering, don’t be afraid to take it even if it should feel awkward or not quite what we imagined. The universe is assisting us. We can benefit tremendously now by saying “yes” and “thank you!”. Then, see where you are led, for opportunities presented now have incredible potential for growth. The world is a magical place. Go and create it.

Affirmation: I always have the potential for growth and new opportunities. I welcome new experiences into my life and let go of things that are outworn and no longer useful. I release them with love and shift my attention toward new possibilities. Doors open and people show up for me exactly when I need them. I trust that everything is working out for my favour.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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