Your Week Ahead: May 9 to 15, 2021 – The Determined Spirit

King of Wands, 6 of Coins, and The Fool, from the Golden Tarot created by Kat Black.

Vision, determination and perseverance are key elements that bring to us circumstances which initiate further growth. This week’s reading takes us through three layers that are working independently of one another, and are a part of one unfolding story. What we encounter along the way is a gentle push in the right direction.

The fiery king has a unique dichotomy, one that is poised to get ahead and one that is ensuring the completion of tasks. In a sense, he sees the beginning and the end. As his royal duty rightly commands, he sees the grand scheme of things and positions himself in a manner by which tasks or goals have sustenance and longevity.

If we are to put a plan into action, the King of Wands is our best ally. With his maturity of spirit and clear strategic impulse, he propels his intentions forward with the raw honesty of the fire that surrounds him, burning away the fog of false pretences. Facing away from the other two cards is suggesting statements like: “This is what I want. This is where I want to go.” They are firm and yet open, like instructions given to an architect.

What this does is create a space for creativity and thus assistance. What can arise is the special feeling of getting what one needs at the right time and in the right measure. These two aspects describe exactly the energy of the 6 of Coins. In the manner we can accept, we receive. In the manner by which we can understand and integrate, we can move forward.

It is an energetic exchange that is nicely suited to our conditions. Look to the middle of the week for some help. It might come along just when we need it, and it will come to us to open up our mind just enough to keep going and keep progressing.

One can interpret the figure in the 6 of Coins as an external individual. However, from an esoteric viewpoint, he is the representation of the king and so a projection of our own kingliness. Even if we are working with someone in authority at the start of the week, his or her input will be of benefit to us and we can gain some valuable insights by their influence.

Such is always an encounter with a part of ourselves. What are they saying? What are we learning? How can we achieve what we want? Keep your ears open, your crazy wisdom is speaking to you. Interpret your daily experiences and the people that show up as if it is a dream. Then analyze it as manifestations of your inner sacred self.

This is how we can wake up to our true potential and recognize our strength and wisdom. The more we can raise our vibrational awareness in this fashion, the more energy we invite and participate with in our co-creative dance with the universe.

What we create and make space for always presents an opening. With The Fool jumping into our layout, we will sense such a fresh start. It need not be anything jolting and rushed. It could simply be that we are moving into new territory. Whether that’s a mindset or an environment, we will feel lighter and perhaps a bit more carefree.

With the stability of the king’s energy and the balanced poise of the 6, this is not a reckless or immature propensity. Rather, and more likely, the emergence of the child within and some healthy playfulness where we learn through doing and engaging.

The world is opening up for you and now is the perfect time to jump into something. It is what is needed at this time: to be curious and be willing to dance in the spontaneous joys of life. Who knows what or when or how. Just have some fun and give it a go!

Affirmation: Life is good and it is right here in front of me to jump in and play with. I’ve made some wonderful aspirations and I know what I want. But I also allow myself to be assisted and guided to ways that will have more life and inspiration, perhaps in ways I didn’t even expect. I look for the joys in my world and breathe a sigh of contented appreciation knowing I’m well looked after.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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