Your Week Ahead: June 20 to 26, 2021 – One Long Sigh

3 of Swords, 4 of Coins, and Page of Cups, from the Golden Tarot created by Kat Black.

Releasing the past is an easy statement to make once we’re on the other side of the hurt and the pain. In the moment we feel those aspects in their heightened form, we can lose sight of many things as emotions become distorted and exaggerated. This week’s reading is taking us through some memories, recent or distant, and giving us an opportunity to release and recycle those experiences into a more self-loving environment.

All three cards are looking to the left, and as the card spread represents a motion forward from left to right as our week unfolds, we can view this literally as looking back. The 3 of Swords emphasizes the moment we realize the culmination of either a pattern or a relationship of elements that cannot continue.

This can be indicative of many things, such as a relationship to two or more people, or a relationship that has another influence or person which is toxic, or a codependent relationship between all three that is no longer beneficial. Codependency can be viewed as two parties and the element that binds them in a negative way, such as a loan or an agreement with a third party.

It can also show how our attachment to something has reached a culmination because of how we view ourselves, the condition or source that gave rise to the pain, and the ingredient that became the catalyst for the realization of the condition. In essence, it is elements coming together to create tension that then becomes the release point, much like a sponge that can no longer absorb water.

This is an interesting spread given that Mercury is stationing direct on Tuesday. On either side of that station, there are several days which the planet is barely moving, otherwise known as the storm phase. A lot of information can get stirred up during this time, especially about the past or situations that can no longer continue as they have been. The station direct is also particularly potent in integrating the new solution that we have been investigating and that now must be implemented.

Love can still guide us, especially as we love how we approach the release, however it presents itself to us.

The positive energy of the Three of Swords is the release of tension, particularly of circumstances that don’t serve us. Do we really want to keep holding onto something uncomfortable and potentially damaging? While it doesn’t necessarily represent the ending of relationships, it can show the release of whatever was blocking its positive growth.

Allowing the energy to flow unrestricted will cause a much needed shift. The only thing required is mindfulness and awareness about how we handle our emotions during this release. Love can still guide us, especially as we love how we approach the release, however it presents itself to us.

Moving on can cause a sense within us to reestablish healthy boundaries and for the need to protect ourselves from the elements we may be reorienting with. The 4 of Coins shows a need for stability regarding energy and balance. This can be about taking care of financial matters, how energy flows in and out of our lives, and how we feel about the energetic exchanges occurring. Again, looking to the past suggests that we not repeat certain things that had caused unwanted results.

When we take this time to gain some ground and feel structured after having gone through some adjustments, we should always find a way to come back to the lighter and loving parts of our lives so that we don’t lose sight of how we are benefiting during these shifts. Laughter and simplicity will help a lot to keep our heart open and not be defined by the adversity we experience.

The releasing of the past is not a perpetual event that is exercised as a way to keep us remembering what we don’t want. It is always a creative opportunity where we consciously choose to be in a better place, to have better experiences, and to have more nourishing and loving relationships. This should be our main focus even if we are temporarily out of alignment with it. Leaning back into the right direction is our training in establishing healthy responses to life’s various manifestations.

This week is like one long sigh, where our breath becomes full, and then releases into a beautiful moment of appreciation and peaceful acceptance. Let yourself be taken to a place where you are surprised by the spontaneity of life that arises naturally and effortlessly. Hold on to nothing, and realize how much is holding and supporting you.

Affirmation: I allow the cycles of my life to ebb and flow, and to wash away any tension that I may be holding onto. Finding my way back to harmony and clarity, I see new ways of doing things and look for opportunities to be at peace with all things.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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