Your Week Ahead: June 13 to 19, 2021 – Rapid Progress

The Fool, Strength, and The World, from the Golden Tarot created by Kat Black.

Progressing from The Fool to The World via the Strength card is a clear signal: things are progressing quickly this week. Perhaps a bit too quickly. There are some wonderful advantages here, as well as a caution. Mostly, we are in a very motivated and energetic state and it appears we are channeling this energy well.

When we see The Fool, we have a feeling of a fresh clean slate, along with a carefree attitude. We jump right in because we are not necessarily concerned with the more serious implications. The lead up into the Strength card suggests using maturity to apply to our child like enthusiasm. Having the wild child energy to leap into the world of opportunity is wonderful. However, Strength is there to show us that growth is still a step by step process and not everyone is growing as fast as us.

If we are feeling like we can do it all, I think this is a good sign. But we still need to ask whether we should be doing it all and to understand how to articulate our position without ripping people’s heads off. We can benefit by restraint and by understanding that, fundamentally, our energy is a creative expression of who we are.

We should always stand by that example. Such integrity and a check in with one’s motives promotes leadership, not egotistical domination. Be an example of how to utilize all aspects of one’s environment. Show how self control provides space for others to contribute and not feel excluded by our “know it all” attitude, and possibly any anger or heightened passion.

This can be a proving point for us this week as it will yield information that is helpful to our personal growth. Slowing down just enough to witness our energy getting larger than life will ease and guide it toward a more healthy expression. It is the ability to master power and vitality that we gain insight into.

What this insight provides is an opportunity to understand a larger view of life and how various individuals and circumstances play a role in our advancement. By tuning into the Strength card, we show that we have the maturity to work with power, not to wield it over others. Power may open our energetic field in ways that align us with pure positive universal energy, of which we are all connected.

What we do with increased power, how we express it, harness it, create with it, love with it, and connect with it is how The World is experienced. This is all the more evident in this week’s reading. Take care this week and move gently but assuredly, showing people your ability to respond, and to respond with care, insight and thoughtfulness. On the other side is something wonderful. But we must be worthy of its gift.

Affirmation: I feel an increase of curiosity and an inspiration to follow something new and fresh. I want to be more open to participating with others and events because I enjoy the feeling of learning and growing. I see my talents coming out and witness new ways I am taking initiative. My energy is strong. In understanding my potential, I seek to apply myself to new and greater things because I have come to understand my abilities in a new light. This is a wonderful opening for me.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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