Your Week Ahead: June 6 to 12, 2021 – The Way Is Presented

Knight of Coins, The Hierophant, and The Chariot, from the Golden Tarot created by Kat Black.

The Hierophant makes another prominent appearance in this week’s reading, dominating our experience during the middle of the week and in an overarching way during these fourteen days of the eclipse season. The message here is about revealing what is true and authentic. Peeling back the layers of patterns, the way we’ve always done things or the life we’ve been living without much awareness of where we actually are and whether we are thriving, is what we need to be investigating.

While last week brought in a softer vibration of energy, as we regained some foothold on our emotional and creative life, this week shows direction and an indication of how we can apply ourselves to get to where we want to be. The way is presented either as an internal compass, fuelled by our knowingness and an ability to apply direct experience into tangible resources, or as an external instruction.

In both cases, the predominant feeling is that what comes to us arises out of the experiences we have in an unconventional way. For example, you may be working with a colleague who is either older than you or who has more experience. You talk together about the work you’re doing and this person makes a statement about patience in life and how people react differently because of their individual temperament. You wonder how this applies to the task at hand, but realize later that you received a teaching about something far more important in its application.

The idea that wisdom comes to us in alternative methods or in chance readings of some article or paragraph we stumble upon. It opens up insights into something far more important than merely the work we do. It opens our mind to a profound awareness of life as the sacred path. It allows us to transcend the mundane into the sublime.

The Knight of Coins is at a pause. Perhaps he lacks something like an indication of a way forward. His stance is one of connectedness and the slower motion is perfect for setting up a strategy for success and sustainability. It also gives him a chance to feel his worth and the vitality of that which he pursues. “Am I on the right track? Can I make any improvements by adjusting my goals or my expectations?”

Is this a financial goal? Or perhaps it’s about setting ourselves up for the right future landscape. We have a chance now to look into that and where we want to be, and how we want to contribute in order to have important material sustenance.

On the other side of The Hierophant is The Chariot. These can be two distinctly different energies. The knight is slow and almost standing still while The Chariot is about movement and direction toward our goal. The Chariot can be about action. However, and more importantly, it is about the utilization of disparate, perhaps oppositional energies into a common purpose.

Here, we take the reins and bring together things that were once scattered and undisciplined. We have a higher vision and a deeper propensity toward achievement, and we are eager to get going and accomplish the objective.

We have been presented with a way forward through The Hierophant’s guidance. He is the link between the value we need to connect with and the value we want to create with. Flowing from these two paradigms is our internal compass and life speaking to us in secret messages of wisdom.

See where you are led this week. Listen to the nuanced inspiration that floats to you out of the ether. Pay attention to things you read or hear that feel random yet full of profundity. These messages may open doors for you, or may have you feeling as if you’re flowing towards something important. Life experience is giving you an opportunity not only for achievement but for the more beautiful realization that comes from understanding how that life experience has shaped and transformed you.

Affirmation: I take some time to slow down and connect with myself. I am open to receiving the wisdom of the universe and want to have a relationship with this profound wisdom that guides me to all that sustains me. By placing myself in this flow of well-being, ideas and instruction, I allow the way forward to present itself and I feel inspired to take action. I love knowing that I am on my way to a more successful outcome.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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