Your Week Ahead: May 30 to June 5, 2021 – A Softer Vibration

Queen of Cups, The Hierophant, and 3 of Cups, from the Golden Tarot created by Kat Black.

Our reading this week places an emphasis on a softer, gentler experience where we get to tune into something more nourishing, private and loving. There is a message here about a recalibration or reprioritization of where we stand in relation to the outside world and our inner life. Things may have felt chaotic and confrontational. Certain opinions may have surfaced and have been articulated in a way that was less than thoughtful. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse last Wednesday really highlighted the week’s tone with many of us feeling rather depleted, confused and in need of some mental and physical rest.

The Queen of Cups arrives just in time to speak to us about softer things. She brings to us good tidings of love and recuperation, and shows us how to get back in touch with the more beautiful aspects of life. She is guiding us toward loving exchanges, understanding and peace. We are washed in a bath of refreshment where we relocate our “dis” located spirit essence. The energy she surrounds us with heals us from any harsher climates we might have been exposed to.

Feeling a rebalance in our lives, we may wonder what the larger meaning of it all is. Where is our place in what has surfaced? What does my experience tell me about myself? What am I learning? When we tread through certain periods in life, often this type of confusion or general malaise permeate our mind. But in order for the difficulty or challenge to make sense, indeed for it to serve us, we must take it on the path.

The middle of the week gives us a chance to enter into a relationship with our reality that provides us with more meaning and grounding. The Hierophant is a sacred and secret teacher. He can represent another person or ourselves and our inner guide. What we learn in life cannot be taught in a book or in a school. It needs to be experienced. Through experience, we learn. That direct learning is the most powerful, cell based, internalized source of information we can ever have access to – and it is the most meaningful.

Insights into the nature of various interacting phenomena provides a basis for more maturity and consequently more capacity. We are growing and learning, even when we feel bewildered and overwhelmed. By finding our centre and regaining balance is not only showing our resilience, it shows our ability to integrate what we’ve been exposed to and to apply positive antidotes that reframe our awareness.

We always want to view our lives as a leader, rather than a reactor. Sometimes there is instability. However, in order to prevent a victim mentality, we must pivot by using the experience as a tool for empowerment. We only have to prove to ourselves that we can shift in this manner. Any other proof is a statement by our ego that needs to justify the “wrongness” of something in order to get others to behave in a manner we like. It’s an attempt to gain control over uncontrollable circumstances and to attempt to dominate our external environment. The Hierophant is showing us the internal environment and the lessons and treasures found there.

While a healthy communication of ideals and expectations that comes from self respect and worth is important, we should also be aware that we cannot be responsible for others’ actions. Our insight will then allow us to be less concerned with external events and more available to alternatives that provide better solutions that are in greater harmony with our intentions. The Hierophant is about learning how to do this and to utilize our experiences so that they serve us, rather than we serving them.

With the cooperation between the queen and the teacher, we begin to interact with others in a more harmonious and generous state. We have come to a larger perspective that feels more open and receptive. Love here is shared and received, flowing into each other’s cups. We have found and touched upon our deeper truth that matters more than others’ expectations of us. We know and feel what is right. At the end of the week, we should find that we have passed a test and passed through a gateway that provides us much needed love and affection. Ultimately, we know what is truly meaningful in life and we feel inspired to dwell in this vibration and to share what we have learned.

Affirmation: I allow myself to come back to a softer space. Here, I can find the answers I need that provide me with restoration and creative reflection. I find ways to bring about more awareness by seeking the truth that feels authentic. By reestablishing balance within me and with the world, I invite the energy of giving and receiving, and I celebrate meaningful and nourishing relationships. I am better today because of everything I have experienced.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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