Your Week Ahead: May 23 to 29, 2021 – Many Wonderful Things

The Magician, Knight of Coins, and The Fool, from the Golden Tarot created by Kat Black.

Eclipse season is among us and I always look forward to the readings at this time just to be alert and especially creative at this highly potent time. Eclipses bring about a rapid release and entrance of energy that needs to be utilized by our intentions. The next six months to a year will be a time when this energy gets played out. In other words, it is a pattern setting time and it will serve us tremendously to focus on things we love doing, on where we wish to go and what we would like to leave behind.

The days leading up to Wednesday’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is our focal point. We can ride the wave into the middle of the week and then crest it and surf its energy with some gentle guidance as the week winds down.

In our reading above, it appears very strongly that we are highly tuned in and intentional. The Magician couldn’t be more appropriate for the kind of placement we should be in. He is the personification of being a channel and a conduit for non-physical energy to enter our body-mind continuum which we then ground into the earth as our contact moment for our visions.

When I turned over this card, I heard “many wonderful things”. This is a powerful moment. Take the time to really get into contact with what it is you want. What kind of new life would you like to bring into manifestation? What are those elements? What holds them back or what needs to be cleared out in order for the fresh new “new” to emerge?

We can look at various kinds of psychic clutter, such as too many material objects we hang on to which take up space. We can address matters of debt and loans. This is particularly resonant given the Knight of Coins. In two weeks, we will have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini, and that will be a time to focus on openings and beginnings. Really, the two week eclipse period provides us with chances to do both, release and receive. However, we need to place ourselves in its path.

Moving fast and furious is not what is needed. Rash decisions will not serve us now. We need to pay attention and be deliberate about each step as we identify it and step towards it. Make plans that set yourself up for success. Say a small acknowledgment to yourself every time you do this. If you’re cleaning up your home, say “I just made more space for what I need and want.” If you’re paying off bills, say “I’m setting myself up for more financial success.” If you’re addressing people, say “I like communicating how I feel and I move my relationships into a more positive and productive balance.”

The slow and steady approach of the Knight of Coins shows our ability to harness the eclipse energy and to direct it appropriately. Coins represent finances, self respect, energy balance, space and nourishment. He also slows us down enough so that we can be more aware of the next phase of activity.

With the appearance of The Fool, that activation is occurring as a result of the manner by which we have laid our foundation. Some opening is making itself known to us. It may be an actual door that opens or a light hearted end to the week which gives our inner child refreshment and cleansing.

How you experience The Fool is manifold. What is beautiful to see is that new beginnings are on their way and you have indeed set yourself up for the best outcome. You just need to keep going, keep looking where you put your next step, and trust that everything is working out perfectly. This is a time for many wonderful things. You deserve them all.

Affirmation: Every moment is an opportunity to create success. The outcomes I am interested in are coming into fruition and I love being a part of this process. The world is opening its hands and showing me the way ahead to accomplish my goals. I appreciate this beautiful guidance.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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