Your Week Ahead: September 5 to 11, 2021 – Taken Care Of

6 of Swords, 6 of Cups, and 3 of Cups, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

Turbulence may have been a cause for disruption this past week, with many energetic elements still causing us some anxiety as we weigh our options for the future. For many people, issues related to authority and abuse of authority are causing a lot of pain. How can we assert our individual choices amid so much confusion and demands to give up those inherent rights.

These are challenging and polarizing times. The 6 of Swords often relates to leaving abusive situations. It doesn’t reflect how those situations are resolved; it states and presents us with a way to withdraw, often with the assistance of someone close to us.

There are times where we must confront abuse, stand up and say “no”. However, there also needs to be an awareness of the productivity of our actions and our proper timing. Conflict is an energetic relationship that is binding. Engaging with a person, group or source of conflict can hook us into an ongoing need to prove our case and assert our position.

While this is necessary in some cases, there are also instances where this is not serving us. We need to withdraw our attention and energy. If there is no fuel, there is a gradual reduction of reactivity. This can be seen as peaceful non-compliance. We hold on to our power, indeed we stand in it, we say “no” and we walk away.

We don’t engage in proving points and perpetuating an argument which is fundamentally flawed and designed to keep us in a lower vibrational position. Such a place implies that compromise is the only solution. We have the right to state what we want for our person. In any healthy relationship, if that is not recognized, then we should be able to continue our lives without repercussion and retaliation.

The 6 of Swords presents us with this personal exit from conflict and abusiveness. The person steering the boat can often represent an individual that helps us cross over to a place where we can heal and regain our perspective on what is real. Conflict has the power to obscure the real source of the problem, as it pulls us into threads of conversation designed to keep us engaged in a false platform.

Disengaging means to not answer phone calls, not answer emails, not speak to narcissistic people whose only motivation is to make their position more important than ours, and to disempower us to follow rules that we have not agreed to and that actually harm us by making us become unquestioning followers. There is no positive outcome when our personal truth, rights and choices are not valued. If we are in relationships, partnerships or marriages where we don’t feel valued, they become abusive and destroy our self-identity.

This week’s reading is beautiful. Having an exit point presented to us, we are taken into a space of protection. This is where we can heal behind the walls of a protected space, community or home. The six swords in the boat are like silent oppressive thoughts which have weighed down on us. We take them with us because they need to be purified from our consciousness.

When we realize we’ve been lied to and coerced, there will follow a time where we need to find sources of support. We need to come back to love, and we need to be surrounded by love which is given unconditionally. We need to be aware of what love really is, and what it is not. In the 6 of Cups, it is as if each of those swords transforms into a cup. When we notice and become aware of something, we immediately have a choice. That ability to choose transforms the setback into an opportunity.

The 6 of Cups reminds us of what it was like when we were younger and carefree. The circulation of free will, unencumbered play, child like curiosity and joyful laughter are like keys that open us up to our hearts. Here, our tension eases and we can relax. We are recalibrated to the heart frequency of love.

In the 3 of Cups, we see three women in a joyful dance celebrating each other in a spirit of generosity, enjoying what each has brought to the harvest. This also shows us how when we move away from toxic relationships and expectations to conform, we once again find what is of real value, what is most meaningful in the formulation of human contact and community, and how we benefit from such interconnectedness. Such humanity is sacred and rooted in love and openness.

When we stand in love, we welcome each other in an open space where we can be ourselves free of judgment and manipulation. We stand in true abundance. Creativity is the free flowing energy of our open hearts where our voice is heard and threaded into the beautiful fabric of our community. Here it is recognized for its individuality, sanctity and wisdom. When we connect to love, we are connected to an immense light and vibration which is more powerful than we even think possible.

Affirmation: Thank you Universe for taking care of me and for leading me to helpful people and environments where I can heal and cleanse myself. Surround me with your light and love, and with loving people. I am a beautiful individual and I want the very best for myself. Please keep me connected to positive outcomes where I am thriving, growing and expanding in love and loving relationships. I am here.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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