Your Week Ahead: September 12 to 18, 2021 – Good News

10 of Cups, Page of Wands, and Judgement, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

We are being surrounded by something very special this week, something that will lift our spirits and promote our good name across the heavens. Permeating our reading are figures with outstretched arms looking to the sky and being blessed by providence, angels and abundance. We are in a beautiful state and what comes to us is a blessing.

The Page of Wands stands in the middle of two very similar cards, visually speaking. Both the 10 of Cups and Judgement share this feeling of culmination and achievement. While the 10 of Cups is simply a ten card, Judgement is the twentieth card in the major arcana, and so is a double ten. This heightens and amplifies the suggestion that we are beginning a new cycle as we reach the fulfillment of the current one.

Both these cards present to us feelings of joy and even breakthrough with regard to Judgement. But before we experience the blazing trumpet of the angel above us, we see its more mundane reflection in the 10 of Cups. As I compare them, what is taking place is a recognition of some blessing in our lives. Something is working very well and has come to us through our devotion to what is wholesome and meaningful.

We are not blocked by fears or by misrepresentation. We have seen past the illusion which has allowed the fog of confusion to slowly disperse. What is left, what we have, is what is authentic. This means it connects us to everything of similar vibration. We have what we need and more, we are surrounded by love, and we can now build a new cycle of experiences which are based on that foundation. We are filled with appreciation, and our feelings are mirrored in the sky above.

The page is the youth, the curious and unfettered mind, ready to learn and begin. Here, the page wears a garment showing lizards not yet biting their tails. This is a sign of a new cycle and the commencement of a new direction. What is more, we do so free from anxiety or a troubled approach. What is taking place for us as portrayed by the Page of Wands, is the ability to allow ourselves to participate in what is unfolding.

The message here is about not worrying about how it will unfold; trust that it is doing so perfectly. This is not to suggest that we become ambivalent or uninterested in our role. It shows how we are in fact held in a space of protection and peace of mind as things shift around us in our favour.

Change is indeed coming. Judgement comes to us not as an accusatory experience, but rather our awakening to what has already changed. It is a revelation to what is now present. We are awoken by a trumpet hearkening a new era. We have already changed, we simply need to look around and be shown that all that is dead and old is being left behind. The weight of stagnation, of worn out ideas and dogmas no longer hold us down. We are being called to a new life.

The 10 of Cups may be the precursor of things to come. What is ahead is a way forward towards a new chapter in our lives, one that is more joyful and free. The change that we are pressed to explore is surging within us.

This could be an important calling toward decisions that have been brewing and digesting for some time. It could be the realization of what one wants and truly desires. However this plays out, there will be a stripping away of what is hypothetical to what is present and actual. It maybe the subtle difference between feeling and knowing, between imagining and seeing, and between hearing and listening.

Rise to the surface of your life and be ready to leave behind the past. See where you are guided and what inspired action draws you forward. Your angels and guides are calling you. Take a step towards them, and with outstretched hands, see what opens.

Affirmation: Many wonderful things surround me and my sincere appreciation overflows within me as I say a huge “Thank you” to the universe. I feel as though my life is guided and that I don’t need to worry. Even in the midst of great changes, I feel ready. I am allowing myself to be taken on a new journey, one that I have been wanting and tending to with devotion. What is no longer serving me, I leave behind and I embrace my beautiful new future with outstretched arms.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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