Your Week Ahead: October 17 to 23, 2021 – Leaving And Returning

The Hermit, 5 of Cups, and 4 of Wands, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

As Mercury and Jupiter make a simultaneous return to direct motion on Monday, and as the Sun makes a powerful square aspect to Pluto on the previous day, we may see some elements of our lives changing and transforming under new information being revealed. Pluto here can have the sensation of authority handing down edicts that must be dealt with. However, the plutonic energy is also about a deep transformation on how we move forward. With Mercury and Jupiter stationing direct together, perhaps we are being steered into a better direction, perhaps one that we knew all along would unfold. It appears our reading for this week follows a very similar thread. Let’s take a closer look.

The first part of the week puts us in touch with our inner teacher, or a source of wisdom and teaching. The Hermit holds a lantern with a star brightly lighting our environment in what is no doubt a nocturnal and wintery landscape. He represents the ability to stand alone amidst cold and isolating times, standing in and radiating truth – his truth in particular.

This is a time for inner reflection, self love, and quiet replenishment. Turning off the false information and the demands of other people’s judgments or opinions so that we have space for ourselves and our spirit will give rise to our reemergence. Here, we get to reacquaint ourselves with something deeper and more meaningful. What gives my life meaning? How am I living that kind of life? What can I do to bring about more alignment with that vision? Whose life am I living? Mine or someone else’s?

The hermit’s lamp and the star’s light illuminates these questions as we meditate on the unfolding elements currently surfacing. What the 5 of Cups suggests is that something that we knew was not working well has now revealed itself to be unworkable and finished. Whatever has been in play up to this moment has reached a turning point and cannot continue, for the ingredients which kept it operational has become fractured.

The Hermit appears larger than life in the card’s depiction, showing a more elevated view of things where we get to see the bigger picture. In the 5 of Cups, the figure who resembles the posture of the hermit, is grounded among specific circumstances, suggesting that we are in contact with the world rather than removed from it. As we look down toward the three spilt cups, we are aware of what is lost, unworkable and irretrievable.

There is a moment of acceptance, perhaps of our pain as we process this development. However, we are also given an opportunity to move on and leave it behind for something better. This is a card of pivoting from one state to another. We should be gentle with ourselves and with the process. There is no need to make things more uncomfortable by resisting the flow of energy moving through our experience.

Take a moment to breathe, to let go, and to reach for the two cups that have not overturned. Pick those up and take them to the higher ground, across the bridge and to the new horizon presented there. Something better awaits.

As we see in the 4 of Wands, a happy and joyful scene is presented to us. The encouragement shown in this reading is illustrated in the movement toward, and interaction with the energy and stability of this card. It shows how our relationships with those close to us is what supports us now. It can also reflect our return to a more happy and stable domestic environment, to a home filled with love and joy, and to a sustainable life that is authentic.

This reading shows a kind of cleansing of what is false. Sometimes it is simply the removal of a toxic situation that allows us to return to what was temporarily put on hold. We couldn’t continue living a lie. Once we help the energy move from what was lost to what is more authentic, the scene shifts and gradually it blooms with life and new potential.

This is an awakening. Whether large or small, it will allow for a greater involvement with what you are really seeking. Let yourself be moved this week to what gives you energy and away from what depletes it. Let the old be washed off, and know that better things are waiting for you. There is so much to look forward to.

Affirmation: The old parts of myself are being washed away in a beautiful moment of sacred purification. I allow myself time to adjust and to realize how my life is shifting to better things. I feel more aligned as I surrender to this flow of energy and I trust that what meets me on the other side will be full of love, light, laughter, warmth, and all the beautiful things I desire. I am ready.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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let us be awake.

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