Your Week Ahead: October 24 to 30, 2021 – An Invitation

The Hierophant, 3 of Pentacles, and Page of Wands, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

Sometimes in our lives, things are revealed suddenly. At other times, quietly and gently, allowing us to grow and move at a pace that opens our minds and our potential in a way that is comfortable. This feels like such a week, and it is welcome news for many.

Change produces an element of chaos as structures that have been in place are challenged and reclassified in terms of their priority in our lives. What was important one day can seem unimportant the next. We need time to adjust and the acclimatize to our shifting landscape.

One way to do this is by grounding ourselves in wisdom teachings and in traditions that have allowed for a connection to Spirit. We can only see so much from our vantage point. What will help us have trust in the future is to invite a connection which is not concerned with judgements and absolutes, but one that invites us to feel our being beyond worldly circumstances.

Since our inherent nature is pure positive energy living within a form construct called a physical human body, our primary relationship to our human experience is aided by nourishing our connection to Source. In this state of meditative awareness, we can see our situation from a higher, more detached, more pure perspective which is less concerned with problems and more aligned with solutions.

The reactive chatter of our minds, eager to make things right or to fight against things in order to make our point, gets a chance to rest and takes a back seat. What comes forth to prominence as a result is light and love, and the warmth of that energy filling our being with trust.

We may not see the solution yet but we “feel” it. It is the predominant feeling that we are safe and looked after. Our minds have lifted out of the mire of darkness and conflict, and into the peace and relinquishment of this state. In anger, there is only the perpetual state of darkness and worldly ideas about making it right, sometimes at all costs.

What is needed now is to recognize the places we’ve been and the lessons we’ve learned, but to shift our focus away from stress and anxiety and toward being more curious and productive. There are some things and people we cannot change. However, there is plenty that we can do about where we put our energy.

The Hierophant is presenting us with an invitation to come inside and away from problems or toxic situations. He represents our entrance into a safe space where we can explore options that are full of wisdom and sanctity. The movement into this space is an initiation into a new method, a spiritual one, that will yield tremendous insights. There is a blessing to be received here. It may come in the form of a person, or a book that suddenly shows up, or even in the soft voice of a songbird.

Once we start moving inwards and shift our attention, we find ourselves a bit more productive. There may be an opportunity to work with others based on their feedback or direction that allows us to see alternatives for our future. Or, the 3 of Pentacles may represent the mindset we find ourselves in by virtue of turning off negative sources of information.

What we are creating and bringing into form is influenced by something new and fresh. We find ourselves exploring new ways of doing things, and moreover, we are open to it where once we may not have been. A shift has taken place by way of our reconnection to spirit that is showing us new pathways to success.

As the figure in the Page of Wands looks curiously at his or her wand, we stand in a new place, refreshed and feeling less burdened. There is a new beginning slowly emerging. We may not see it yet, and for now, it is not important. What is important is the fresh state of mind we are experiencing.

If there is something causing you stress or anxiety, or even dissatisfaction, come back to some source of wisdom that will connect you to a higher vibration. Light a candle, create a small altar with images of love, connect with meaningful words and people who lift you up and inspire you. Let yourself be taken in and then allow yourself to shift. There is something deeply valuable in this process which you may discover to be the solution you have been searching for. The key is to place yourself in the receiving end. The gratitude and appreciation you feel will bring a wonderful realization as well.

Affirmation: There is nothing that I want more than to feel connected to my highest Self and my highest potential. I can enter a time now where the solutions I seek can come to me. It feels good to be here. I don’t have to struggle to find the answers. Everything comes to me when I am ready. For now, I work with what I am given. I shift my attention toward Spirit and allow the light of that presence to fill me with hope. This is my answer right now and I surrender everything else.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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