Your Week Ahead: October 31 to November 6, 2021 – A Weight Has Lifted

10 of Cups, 3 of Swords, and Page of Pentacles, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

Is there something troubling you, something behind the scenes of your life that is like a distant thunderstorm, persistently reminding you of its presence? It seems incredibly unfair that such a darkness could disturb your otherwise happy life. However, you mustn’t fear. Such things are being brought to the forefront in order that they be released and purified.

On either side of this “storm” are two optimistic and joyful cards. Since the inherent message of the 3 of Swords is about the release of pain, it also points to what is holding back our experience of joy and optimism. It is about piercing the falsehood of a relationship or set of binding circumstances in order that its toxicity be released.

By pulling the 10 of Cups, we see the truth of our innate state and also the truth about what is around us and blessing us. We know this and we recognize this. We feel connected to source energy and feel the warmth of its sustaining kindness. We are benefiting, and those we love are benefiting as well.

How then do we move into such a painful card? Perhaps it is better to ask, “Is there anything that I can let go of in my life that truly doesn’t serve me? Have I been honest with myself about this? Is the universe showing me something that I have been ignoring, something that I need to address and release?”

Often, we ask these kinds of questions without even knowing we have done so. It is the light within us that seeks expression that reveals the shadows in our lives. Such expression is our deepest desire for reconciliation with authenticity and love. We cannot continue living a lie. We cannot proceed without first letting something that is heavy in its falsehood be lifted from us and washed away in the rain of divine grace.

The moment has come. Some situation has arrived that is exposed. The key to understanding this process is to let it happen. It will be easier, indeed necessary, to allow the energy of life to flow through our experience freely and to allow ourselves to be cleansed of what needs to be washed away. The agreements that were keeping things together are now saturated. Let it be drained; let the storm pass over us so that we may allow a new day to emerge.

What we will be left with is the freshness of our potential. As the page holds his pentacle tenderly into the sky, we will feel renewed as if a heavy burden was lifted. Standing in fertile fields once again, we will be guided to what is possible, to where we ought to be, to what is more suitable and appropriate.

The page too is holding the pentacle away from the pierced heart and toward the future. The Page of Pentacles is suggesting here that we not be compelled by the pain we released, but by the unfolding landscape we are exploring. An open heart that is full of curiosity also has far less fear and anxiety. Such is the power of pentacle energy that feeds our self-worth. The past wasn’t working anyway. Why worry about it or hold on to it. These are wonderful days.

Affirmation: I am thankful to know the truth. I love to know that I am being guided to release that which does not serve me. I allow my life to shift in beautiful new directions where I am more authentic and joyful. As the universe washes away the things which hold me back, I move forward with acceptance and love. I value myself and all the wonderful new things that I can now be a part of.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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