Your Week Ahead: January 9 to 15, 2022 – On The Lookout

King of Cups, 7 of Swords, and 5 of Pentacles, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

A very Happy New Year 2022 to all of you who may find some merit in my weekly offerings here on Unfolding Tarot. My sincere apologies for being absent these past few weeks. There have been many changes in my life recently and I have had to make some important choices sooner than I anticipated. I honestly can’t believe so much has changed in so little time. I am so incredibly appreciative to all the love and support I have been given during this recent time, and during a rather tumultuous year. In many ways, it was like riding a powerful stallion bareback. Hanging on for dear life, somewhere between burnout and exhilaration. While 2022 is starting with some dark clouds, I am hopeful that the light that surrounds us in our ongoing spiritual work continues to guide us forward toward even greater love, peace and clarity. Now, more than ever, we need beautiful affirmations rooted in our personal truth and integrity. This is our power and we will do well to never forget that.

If there are others out there who have had major upsets or challenges, I salute you. I would also like to suggest that the universe never gives us anything we can’t handle. Despite the intensity, this could very well represent some of the most profound and meaningful evolution to come our way in many years.

To start our reading, it seems appropriate to meet the King of Cups. He is wiser than we give him credit for, for his message represents the insight we receive after a time of neglect and sacrifice. He reminds us that emotional intelligence and maturity are what grounds his actions in grace.

He is very in tune with his emotional responses. He also understands that he is of no use to anyone if he gets carried away in sadness, grief, anger or bitterness. He is an emotional guide and an intuitive leader. In this reading, he gazes over the other two cards, almost seeing past them. With his influence speaking to us, let us examine what it is we should be careful about.

While being careful is not always the advice of the King of Cups, in light of the 7 of Swords and the 5 of Pentacles, it is fair to say that something needs awareness. It is not always easy to determine what experiences fall under the 7 of Swords. At times, it can represent a bolder action, while at others, caution. Given that the 5 of Pentacles shows a kind of outcome to action, I would adopt the latter meaning.

Pressure seems to be filling the air midweek, along with a desire to act. When things are uncertain, we almost always feel the need to act in order to regain control over something that represents chaos. I don’t see any action that will turn out well in this layout. In fact, the result could be something that disconnects us even further from solutions.

We don’t want to get moving on anything when we do not have all the facts we need. Mercury is also slowing down to its retrograde station on January 14 which will amplify the need to act. Don’t fall for the bait. Most decisions can wait. This appears to me to have a longer impact than we realize, and we could spend weeks if not months cleaning it up.

The solution, funnily enough, is presented in the 5 of Pentacles. It is a card of disconnection. The question to ask is, “what bold action will result in greater disconnect from the truth?” If we are too focused on the “coldness” of life and often its careless disregard for human well-being, then we could get caught up in a struggle against problematic issues. This might only reinforce our attention to them and our involvement.

If we instead pull ourselves inward and inside, away from the cold psychopathy we may be witnessing, we have the advantage of being surrounded by the warmth of protection and love. This can be a time to remember the soothing gifts of nourishment, such as a delicious homemade soup or a bath surrounded by candles, or the quiet peace of meditation.

This week, you may feel the urge to make things right and to correct an imbalance. Take the advice offered by the King. See the greater implication of your potential action and ask yourself if it is really necessary or important. Some kind of pressure is being felt and a sore spot is being pressed. This is a time for emotional maturity. There’s a very good opportunity to offer yourself a more productive and healing act of self-love. Let the noise fade into the background, and allow your breath to unfold in your heart.

Affirmation: If I feel caught up in solving a problem, I take a moment to see if I am trying to control anything. I am in tune with myself and have access to self-awareness and maturity. I don’t have to be right and I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I am at peace. I withdraw and find contentment in knowing my time will come when there is better information, and when I feel more aligned with Source.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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