Your Week Ahead: December 12 to 18, 2021 – A New Chapter

4 of Cups, 8 of Swords, The Magician, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

This week heralds something brand new as we take ourselves from density of the stifling status quo to the clarity of knowing who we are and taking steps to bring it into manifestation. What we are working with is slow moving and we may find it difficult to accept such a pace when we yearn for so much more.

Perhaps we are feeling as if things that are occurring are not what we had initially expected, and so we are thrown off a bit by the new developments taking place. Some kind of limitation is presented to us and we need time to figure out our rhythm. However, what we can try to work with is a sense that, even in the restriction, there is a blessing.

Providence takes place on a timeline that we cannot understand because we fundamentally don’t operate in a multi-dimensional framework. Essentially, this means that we grasp at “time and space” in ways that have to do with a starting and ending point. “I begin and I accomplish”.

When we start to view our lives from a different perspective, what we accomplish is based on growth that involves many aspects of our being. We don’t just grow older and hopefully wiser. Our psyche changes with the expansion of our consciousness. Those changes involve many subtle and vibrational shifts where we move past what we think is possible.

The fourth dimension could be described as embodying the result of the journey before one begins it. The end and the beginning are the same point. The 4 of Cups not only shows us how we gain some leverage over emotional situations, but it points to the process of how we allow ourselves to be defined by spirit instead of matter.

With the 8 of Swords appearing after, suggests to me that we have been moving quickly on things. The 4 is about form and containment. If our emotions have been flowing freely and now meet with containment, the sensation could feel uncomfortable. This is portrayed by the figure with crossed arms feeling somewhat disappointed.

However, an opportunity for clarity is being presented to us in the form of the cup appearing out of the ether. In this case, clarity is what we need to see and not avoid. If a limitation feels restrictive, take the time to gain some emotional ground (or detachment) and connect with spirit. A solution is there, even if it is about taking some time to process things.

Taking things deeper seems to reveal what is at the heart of a limiting sensation. The 8 of Swords is the feeling that we can’t move. However, no one appears here, and we are blindfolded so what is happening is an inner limitation. This deepens the meaning that moving past a blockage presented in the 4 of Cups has its roots in our past and the limits previously placed on us.

If we are to successfully move ahead in life, we may need to confront some old stories about our self-worth and what we deserve. Confronting the past doesn’t mean we are condemned to it, forever repeating cycles of abuse or restriction. It means we have a wonderful moment to realize how meaningless those limitations are now.

The moment comes where we take off the blindfold. The swords act not as intimidators but as liberators, for they can help you cut the ties around your hands and body. Seeing into things and perhaps their insignificance or lies may hurt. Often this card represents old hurtful stories or comments resurfacing in our mind’s ear. It’s okay. Be kind to yourself and say a gentle prayer, “I forgive everyone for everything.”

In that moment, we walk away from the need to fight back and so release ourself from the bonds that tied us to that conflict. This means that our vibration is tuned to a different frequency. The old simply drops away along with the attachment to an outcome that that attachment produced.

A new chapter begins. Now we get to decide what we should write about. It’s a clean slate and The Magician shows our renewed clarity and vitality of mind and spirit. The cup that was presented to us out of the ether in the 4 of Cups now stands on the table of The Magician.

The gift of time and of perspective allowed a blessing to enter at its perfect divine timing. We worked with what was holding us back in the past and we removed ourselves from its confusion. Sometimes, our first few steps are shaky and insecure. If can move past it and breathe through the discomfort, we can be released from old paradigms and become aligned with grace and blessing.

The cup in the 4 is saying to us, “it’s okay, things will work out beautifully. Get up, take this cup and drink from it. Spirit is with you. Move through to the other side and I will meet you there.” With the cup appearing on the table among the other tools (the minor arcana suits) says very clearly: a person who embodies his or her truth, steps into their power and creates their life. The cup was only about getting you to that realization and embodiment. The Magician has all things at his disposal, not just the cup. But it might have taken the softness of love and grace of the cup to get you going.

Affirmation: If I am being guided to slow down and to understand the larger picture of my life now, I take those messages to heart. If I am being shown old memories or am hearing old voices, I calmly accept the past for what it was and know that today is a good day to let those limitations fall away. I step into my new self, my new life, my “now” potential. New energy rises within me, and with the beautiful powerful currents of life force flowing freely through me, I say “Yes”.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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