Your Week Ahead: December 5 to 11, 2021 – Visions Of Reality

7 of Cups, Page of Pentacles, and 4 of Wands, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

Posted early for the New Moon Solar Eclipse on December 4, 2021.

The mind is full of images, the images full of potential, the potential full of life, the life full of what we want. We are stirred this week, stirred to see where we stand in relation to what we want. Do we stay in the realm of the imagination, or do we step into the light and see what it might take to materialize those visions into the ground?

While the suit of cups is not likened to the element of air, the 7 of Cups taps briefly into that domain. Its relationship to The Chariot (the seventh card in the major arcana) suggests movement and achievement. However, the achievement of the element of water, in all its fluidness and emotional implications, heightens the prospects of many emotions, particularly many outcomes.

With so much creative activity, we get caught up in what is coming to life, even if only in our mind. This card doesn’t only represent our vision and imagination, but our reaction to what those visions provoke. We can be fearful about seeing ourselves as successful, or of finding love. We can also feel excitement in riches and see ourselves as more powerful, especially if we have been feeling rather disempowered lately.

It is natural to be fearful of having exactly what we want. Our old stories of what we think we are worth are triggered, as well as what we think we deserve – or even more specifically – at what point will we be allowed to deserve it.

There are a multitude of resistance points that we bury as adults, with many of those issues planted deep in our childhood experiences. There is no blame here, only the process of individuation that invariably arises when we move past a point of threshold or boundary. It’s a quantum step into new territory and it is natural for our mind to contextualize what is coming or arising based on what we know or where we have been.

One who has never tasted vanilla will usually ask things like, “does it taste like chocolate?” We can never know something new until we leave behind the definitions which had dominated our experience. And so arises fear; fear of the unknown and fear of the lack of stability.

The way to work with fear is not to dominate it and extinguish it into oblivion. “Begone you Fear!!!” While courage is admirable in instances of fear, we need to be patient and kind with ourselves and understand what we are going through. However, we must not let it hold us back from growth and from progressing positively in life.

When we are being asked to take a leap into new directions, we usually know and sense that opportunity is afoot. Sometimes fear is a tool to discern correct action. I would offer that, in most cases, we will know the difference between what is not a good venture and what is calling us to better things.

This is a lot to say about just one card. What about the Page of Pentacles and the 4 of Wands. The fact that these two cards follow the 7 of Cups suggests to me that we are moving into something beautiful and stable, and sustainable. The 4 of Wands is showing the result of a process set into motion by our imagination.

Success needs curiosity. This is the quality found in students or in the youthful attitude. We are grounding the four wands into the earth and stabilizing that fire element, giving it structure and form so that it doesn’t blaze inordinately. What it thus provides is a space in which to operate. Much like a functional hearth, its fire allows food to be cooked and a home to be heated so that we can store what we need to survive against the harsher elements of life, not just the weather.

Unlocking this whole process is the page. In the suit of the pentacles and in the element of earth and of magic, what we learning is how to bring about components that will facilitate this success. We may be looking into financial investments or mortgage scenarios. We maybe taking a piece of our vision and focusing our attention upon it in a manifestational way, applying our energy and personal magic that gives it life.

What is clear is the energy contained within this potential that the page is so focused on. He seems to be asking the pentacle, “how can I give you life so that you become everything I have envisioned?”

The message this week is, you are holding a magical key, one that is unlocking a beautiful future. It feels appropriate for the New Moon Solar Eclipse on December 4th. Don’t be afraid of what is becoming real. You have every reason to feel joyful and optimistic – two qualities very apropos of Sagittarius. Let that guide you forward.

Affirmation: Many possibilities await me now. It feels like the universe is showing me a new way to participate with life. I want to know more about what is possible, because in the “wanting” lies my desire for something better. I allow myself to be shown new things and new places, for in the exploring of new horizons, I become my greater Self.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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