Your Week Ahead: November 28 to December 4, 2021 – Transitions to Joy

Page of Cups, 5 of Swords, and 3 of Cups, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

The emergence of a new potential is making itself known to us this week, along with a limitation that is exposed and confronted. We are in the midst of an influx of energy now as we leave the powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus and approach the coming New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on Saturday December 4, 2021. In simple terms, many things are ending to make way for new life and a fresh start.

While this is not isolated to any one particular card, what we see here is a section of our experience as it fits in with what maybe taking place in our transition from one perspective to another. The key is to keep our hearts open and curious about the changes. On one side of change is fear; on the other is love. One is closed; the other is open.

Navigating the difference between security and uncertainty requires maturity and self awareness. It is important not to act impulsively but to observe things from a larger perspective and consider how we can be creative rather than reactive. This is a blending of intellect and feeling. Adding the heightened anxiety of change can have us clinging to the known and secure. However, by being honest with other issues playing out in our lives, we can steer ourselves in the direction that may offer more hope and opportunity.

The Page of Cups represents our open heart. It is the state that is receptive to the guidance of love. The message here is to not “make” things happen, but to allow them to. There is a reminder to not get caught up in our adult mindset where we burden ourselves with responsibility. Taking a moment to find simple joys in our lives and to trust that we are being led to better things will bring about appreciation and gratitude. Coming back to an innocent view of the world is the message of the page.

Within that innocence could also be an acceptance of that which is ending, as portrayed in the 5 of Swords. It is true that many may be feeling victimized by the changes occurring now. Understandably, when a divide happens in our lives, it is unexpected. The loss of control will feel like we are losing something.

The question to ask is, “How much can I accomplish by fighting back? What is the best way to address this situation? Can I use my energy in a more productive way?” It is uncomfortable to simply walk away when something unjust is happening but it’s necessary as it may not yield the results we hoped for if we engage with it.

What is being addressed is the way we accept limitation. Is the limitation or ending actually disguised as an opportunity? Perhaps only time will tell, and that is a fair statement to make for we only get to see what is directly in front of us. If we are careful with our focus and our energy expenditure, we can know for the time being that perhaps an opportunity is in fact opening up, and that by walking away from a situation that clearly looks to be imbalanced to begin with, we will allow more empowering elements to be presented to us.

Sure, it may feel really good to walk back and say, “You’re a jerk, a bully and you don’t deserve the air to breathe!” (add further expletives as needed…), and perhaps they will go home and think how cruel they were. More often, they will simply continue being who they are because ultimately, they are they and you are you. Meaning, the energetic elements that kept the relationship going was already extinguished long ago. It just took a bit of time for the physical world to reflect what was already finished.

We have already moved on and the current moment is just an echo. Why yell back at a shadow? Doing so only keeps the echo chamber reverberating. Inconvenient truths surface now. Moving on quickly will take us to a better place sooner rather than later, and that is ultimately where we need to be: in our power and in our love.

People of truth and of love and support will remain in our lives. This is clearly evident in the 3 of Cups. This is our community, our friends and our family. The ones that stay and support our growth are the people we need to stand with. Here, we can contribute to a renewed sense of purpose. Once again, love opens up the way to more promising circumstances.

If life has presented you with a path you didn’t expect, don’t lose heart. Endings are hard. They are also regenerative. Pick up on the signals that life is showing you. Taking your energy out of toxic or imbalanced relationships, wherever they are occurring, will show where you can move forward and who to move forward with.

If you feel like you have no choice and have to accept whatever is handed to you, try to feel that you are being offered a solution, even if it takes on a different form than what you were expecting.

Our perception of change will be the key to unlocking the gifts of the future. We can perceive things as a victim; or we can see that the old outworn and limiting factors are being washed away. A wonderful future is being born. Go towards it.

Affirmation: While some doors are closing now, many new doors are opening for me. I accept that the changes occurring are for my highest good and my most positive potential. I want to grow and move into new beautiful directions. Universe, show me the way. Place me where I am meant to be and with whom I am meant to be with.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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