Your Week Ahead: November 21 to 27, 2021 – Taking Some Caution

3 of Cups, 3 of Pentacles, and 7 of Swords, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

Success and celebration are in the air this week, as well as a sense that our community or close collaborators are helping us create our visions. However, when things run smoothly, we must ensure that we have our radar up for any false pretences, both our own and from others. There could be a situation where we need to bring some healthy awareness to ensure that our plans are on solid ground.

The prevailing energy is certain to be positive. There is joy and love between people, supporting each other in a very open way. The 3 of Cups shows people toasting one another, acknowledging their gifts and enjoying the harvest that each has contributed towards.

As the three cups transform into three pentacles, something tangible is being worked with and a step into the physical world is suggested here by the earth element of the pentacles suit. Some plan might be taken to the next stage where certain directions are given and instructions received.

This is a step forward, toward creating something. Often this card describes clarifying what is being asked for. “Did you mean this? Is this what you are asking for? How about this? Did you consider this? If I do that, this is what it will mean. If that is what you want, it may cost you this much. Are you sure?”

These are elements of how manifestation takes place. It is a gradual approach where the seeds we have planted are being encouraged to grow, not forced to. There is a need to take steps to make sure the order of things occur in the correct time and according to our overall plan.

This is how I interpret the 3 of Pentacles, especially because the 7 of Swords follows next. This card, appearing after the two “3” cards, suggests caution. There is an element that is drifting off from the plan and it will serve us to understand why. There is a boldness to the action depicted here. However, it is taking place in isolation.

The figure is sneaking away with what he thinks are the enemy’s swords. Is he achieving what he thinks he is intending? That is not certain, and so the bold action could work against him. This is the caution. What information are we working with and are we sure it will succeed. The caution is also about a pressure to act.

The boldness may feel like we would never know until we try. I find that in matters of great importance, if the way ahead is blessed with an open door, there shouldn’t be any sensation of an ultimatum. If we have done our homework, taken a mature and gradual approach to ensuring a plan is realistic, and have allowed Spirit to speak to us through signs, dreams and oracles, then proceed. But if you need a little more time, just to be sure, this is definitely that time.

Often, I’ve seen this card appear when someone needed to make a quick decision. Most often, it didn’t turn out the way the person expected. Sure, they now have the answer to the question they were perplexed about, but if they waited perhaps just a little longer, the pressure would have subsided and the need to act postponed to a time more forthcoming and of better timing.

Ultimately, you will know. However, be very honest with yourself and with other people. Double check everything and discuss every implication openly. Let Spirit guide the way and may your path be lit with grace and blessings.

Astrologically, we’ve just experienced the first of two eclipses. On November 19, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse spoke first, suggesting a culmination and a conclusion to certain affairs as they get eclipsed from our lives. The coming New Moon Solar Eclipse on December 4 will speak later and may open new doors. The basic message here is that this is a time of flux, and an additional reason to remain calm amidst much change. The sensation to regain control over our lives is strong. Through prayer and connection, we will always be aligned with truth, and our future built on that strong foundation. Peace. Everything is working out perfectly.

Affirmation: Many wonderful opportunities can unfold for me now. Being surrounded by loving people with good information can help me move past limitations and into a new future. I take extra time now to ensure that I understand my commitments. I believe in good timing and I allow myself to be guided to a blessed outcome.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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