Your Week Ahead: November 14 to 20, 2021 – One Step At A Time

5 of Pentacles, The Hierophant, and King of Wands, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

Sometimes, in our challenges or difficulties in life, the present situation seems too large, too overwhelming, beyond our grasp at finding solutions. We can feel ill equipped at knowing what next steps to take. As we are navigating these predicaments, we may feel cut off from our connection to spirit and the warmth of that sacred guidance.

The present time can be an opportunity for people to stick together and be there for one another. The 5 of Pentacles shows these kinds of challenges. In spite of the “coldness” and “injury” depicted here, it is a signal to reenter a sacred space where we surrender ourselves to a higher guidance. That may feel uncomfortable as our physical world is rooted in decisions and action.

While we may feel shut out of the church, the perception of being cast out is an illusion that we would benefit by getting past. As the appearance of The Hierophant suggests, we find ourselves having access to something sacred, reassuring and guiding. The two figures now find themselves inside a private space, being initiated into the next stage of learning. The solutions we were looking for could be presented to us to consider.

These are both “five” cards and so are linked in their meaning: come inside and let go of the problem, and let something divine show us the way forward. The keys at the feet of the hierophant will open secret doors. We can walk through them if we are willing to let those doors become known to us. This is a subtle invitation, one that cannot be rushed or forced. If we push, the ego becomes the dominant energy rather than sacred wisdom. The ego needs to be sublimated into alignment with pure positive energy.

If we can allow this kind of maturity to take place, we will pass through a testing period. What comes next, as depicted in the King of Wands suggests two things. First, something needs closure before we can address the future. Second, once we address that, we will be able to pivot toward a decision and then to action.

This king is facing the other two cards. As well, he is surrounded by decorative lizards biting their tales, forming a closed circle. We are bringing matters to a successful conclusion. In addressing this, we have the ability to oversee a project of importance with authority and maturity. We have the ability to respond in an appropriate manner because we have done something very important: We have taken care of the inner reality first.

This is unfortunately what many people get wrong. They think outward action comes first and then the inner reality get shifted. The most important step in any action is the foundational preparation of one’s intentions and our alignment with integrity. Integrity means not fabricating the real reasons for our actions.

In order for that kind of clarity to arise, we need to pause and create a space for the divine to enter and provide us with important information. We will benefit from questions like, “What do I need to see? Is there something that I am avoiding? Am I running away from anything? Is there an alternative that I could give more attention to? What do I need to know before making any important decisions?

By doing this, we surrender ourselves to a higher vision and perspective. We can be guided and led to a beautiful future now. We simply need to slow down enough to ensure that the right doors are opening. When we can feel the sacred warmth of that energy lighting our path, we can never go wrong – ever.

Take time to ask for guidance. Connect with The Hierophant as a sacred teacher. The King of Wands is leaning in toward him as his benefactor and wise advisor. Let the path ahead present itself as a blessing from our highest teachers and spirit guides. Then we will know what to do and take care of our kingdom accordingly. We are blessed now with an opportunity for advancement. What better allies to have than the divine.

Affirmation: I pause now to allow a higher energy to inform me and bless me with wise council. I like knowing that the way forward is blessed by this connection. Please show me all that I need to know. Please guide me to the best solutions and outcomes, the best people and places, and to a future filled with well-being and peace and abundance.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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