Your Week Ahead: January 23 to 29, 2022 – A Rush Of Energy

6 of Swords, Knight of Swords, and The Magician, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

Refreshment, repose, recalibrate, relax – whatever we want to call it, we are following the call to find peace. Feeling caught up in the world or in our turbulent waters has disturbed our calmness and our clarity. Starting this week, we have an invitation to settle down, to close the door, and to be taken to a shore that is away from madness and hostility.

There isn’t the total absolution of what may be causing us discomfort. There is simply the opportunity to have a break from it. Sometimes the 6 of Swords describes an actual short trip that provides a beautiful change of scenery. Perhaps that trip is simply a mental landscape.

The energy is almost beautifully different than that of the following two cards. The six shows a retraction of energy, almost as if we retreat to get momentarily collected. The suggestion of “collectedness” might also be strategic, as a lawyer might do to prepare a major rebuttal.

While the first thought I had when I saw the Knight of Swords was “confrontation”, it gently changed into “going back!”, as in how we get back into the game or presentation, or some otherwise heightened energetic expression of our purpose. The suit of swords is the same. So, this suggests to me that we have an experience of returning to where we came from but with passion, desire, and even aggression.

When working with the Knight of Swords, it is always a good idea to be mindful of the Martian principle. It is the idea that we keep fighting long after we have already won. Or, it could be about coming on too strong. The wildness of this card demands our awareness. Even the powerful horse, an extension of the knight’s energy, appears to be at least a little frightful of who is riding him.

A key to watch out for is how this energy might play out. For that, we can look to the next card. If we would see something like the 9 or 3 of Swords, or perhaps the 5 of Cups, we might want to watch our aggression. Here, we see The Magician. That to me suggests that we are in a good place of mindfulness and connection.

The Knight of Swords has a very powerful side to him that brings about courage and decisiveness. This person, man or woman, will dominate whatever they are addressing. Their expression will leave no room for debate and their authenticity will not arouse opposition because it is rooted in truth. If this should happen, just read the room and make space to work with people. We want support and don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder. Meaning, we want others to continue feeling their truth, not just extending ours, or disappearing in our power-trip.

While The Magician also shows a very powerful, charismatic and collected individual – and while this is in fact a very positive reading – it also furthers this warning that we need to watch ourselves. The shadow side of The Magician is trickery and deceit, and the ability to manipulate others with his black magic.

If we can hold on to our reins, hold our sword of truth as it morphs into the wand of integrity and spiritual connection to the creative Universe, we can bring into physical manifestation a result that can be lasting and rewarding. We must fundamentally prove worthy of power. Here, worthiness is about understanding compassion, being in contact with empathy, and knowing when to stop.

What we want is the knight’s maturity to evolve into the figure shown in The Magician. The helmet comes off and is replaced by the symbol of eternity. The armour comes off but our red cloak remains showing we are less encased and closer to our skin. The horse disappears and we are standing on the ground, not flying through the air. Where we once held the reins, now we direct that control into the physical plane.

On the plus side, this is a winning case, a strong defeat, and a message being delivered that is authentic and positively forceful which affects change on a large platform. On the downside, it is a wasteful ego trip that only serves a very small and limited view.

I know that you have so much going for you that you will know the shadow when you see it. If you find yourself with a justified passion and a desire to act, do so confidently and with purpose. Do not be afraid to let your warrior loose. There is energy here that wants to break free. When you are connected, you always feel the truth. Let that guide you to allow love to remain where forcefulness left off.

Affirmation: It is important for me now to withdraw and regain some peace. The restoration I seek allows me to connect with myself on an even deeper level. What I find is purpose and clarity. It is easy to act when I am empowered. I can produce real results now. I embody my powerful potential to ensure that I am growing and becoming my most authentic self.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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