Your Week Ahead: January 30 to February 5, 2022 – The Bold New You

The Emperor, 7 of Swords, and King of Wands, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

When we act out of fear, isolation and insecurity, we pursue a result without the information we need about the big picture. The advantages, the hidden agendas, what we really want, what others expect, all of these describe a place of in-betweenness. It is a point where we are mixing two worlds of information and two distinct perspectives where we are not sure where we fit in.

This position of discomfort creates within us a desire to act, to rid ourselves of unease, and to once again embody truth. This week, our main focus is this type of experience, as shown in the 7 of Swords. At times, this card is about premature or uninformed action resulting in a continuation of the experience without a real change to the outcome. However, since we cannot predict the future, action seems like the only way forward.

The way to work with this card is to obviously remain mindful of any drastic decisions. If we are seeing this card in a reading, it will help to see how the context shows up in the cards surrounding it, in this case, The Emperor and the King of Wands.

These two cards on opposite sides of the 7 of Swords could represent being caught in the middle of two authority figures or policies. An interpretation could be that The Emperor has the upper hand and so we feel pulled to act in his favour by taking the swords in his direction.

The Emperor represents the rules of society and the need for order and structure. The King of Wands shows a highly motivated leader with a strong desire for positive change. Do we walk towards one without looking where we are going (indicating habitual or unconscious thinking) or do we look back and give a heads up to the other by offering our loyalty and trust.

If this card should show up in a personal reading, I would suggest being more cautious about The Emperor’s influence. He clearly has the upper hand, and being a major arcana card, shows the overarching scope of his power. The King of Wands could be an individual who is trying to help us see the truth about a situation. We have a choice. However, the person in the 7 of Swords is torn. One part of him wants something else while being compelled by a perhaps false devotion to the other.

This might represent going back to someone or some place that we felt inferior in, or staying stuck in a looped mindset that is attached to authority. The King is a kind of rebel. His fiery energy wants to break out into new directions and not be limited by old stifled stagnated ideas. Are we falling back into an old paradigm because it feels familiar or comfortable? We are being asked to consider what we might be missing.

The message for this week is to be aware of acting out of loyalty to something that had its day. We need not be torn simply by following what another has dictated is the way to success. The King of Wands is offering a way forward, to express ourselves in new ways, and to bring closure to the past and let it go. He makes no demands upon us, contrary to The Emperor.

Perhaps, we are being asked to make that bold leap, to leave all the rules and follow the King and our heart. He may be showing a much happier path to our future, one that allows us to be more joyful and authentic. He invites us to new lands, new ideas, new perspectives and new energy. The King is about life leaping forward; The Emperor is about the past, the status quo and the obedience to it.

The New Moon on February 1 will be conjunct Saturn (rules and authority) square Uranus (rebellion and explosive inventive surprises). This reading describes this astrological configuration very well. If you find yourself following along without the space to ask questions, stop and listen to your heart. Don’t be afraid to think differently and to break away from patterned conditioned responses. Do what you really want, not what others tell you to do. That is the first step. Let it take you towards truth. It can never be concealed; it will always break free.

Affirmation: If I find myself falling into old habits or following along by default, I notice where I am and gently stop myself. I have the ability to respond differently now and take steps toward what I feel is more authentic and truthful. I want to step into my power and decision making with more presence. I claim my future and step into it.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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