Your Week Ahead: February 6 to 12, 2022 – Angels That Bless Us

Temperance, The Lovers, and Page of Wands, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

Time has a way of making known to us what requires gestation. For certain elements to come together properly, we need the magic and value of time. This is a kind of indirect route to spiritual understanding, meaning, we give up a certain amount of control to allow something to breathe, to take root, or to bond properly.

Giving up control implies that something else takes over. This “something” can’t be touched, it must be felt within. Reason and logic are left behind and we give way to an intuitive impulse. When we step back from something, we make a special space which we hope will be filled in with that which we cannot do ourselves. This is probably a very basic definition of spirituality.

Try as we may to find solutions to many of our mundane experiences, we fill in many blanks with estimations of what we think is reasonable or workable. However, they are based on our singular perspectives. Even if we engage in a dialogue with others, objectivity can still be elusive because we will always be framing our understanding from within a dualistic language. I see it this way and you see it another way, for example.

The road to truly blending different elements requires more than words and reason. It requires space. This is where we leave behind what we want or what another wants, or what elements are at play with one another. It is not a stoping of desire, rather a pause. Time has a way of allowing a maturing process to take place.

When we connect to the space of timelessness, and of our attachment to a result, we step out of this dualistic structure and invite our higher selves to come to the forefront. This is a much less resistant state of being which provides our awareness to broaden without us being deliberate about it. We could call this Meditation.

Since our higher state is much freer, it is more aligned with pure positive energy and our collective unity with it and each other. Since we are less identified with our labels, our true nature is revealed. Here, we touch our angels and hear our spirit guides and totem animals with greater clarity.

The veil of perception becomes thin and we become acutely aware of our instinctual wisdom. This is where we find our deepest connection to our selves and to spirit. In doing so, we fill any voids in our lives with the energy of higher consciousness. This process of bringing together disparate elements in a new form is called Temperance.

The angel in the Temperance card magically brings together two ingredients from two cups in a manner which defies gravity. He signals to us the value of good timing. As he transforms into the angel in The Lovers card, he reveals his creation, his manifestation as it is birthed on to the landscape of our reality.

As the Sun in the distance rises and crowns him behind his head, what arises is a bursting forth of unity, celebrating the individual elements and the energy that brought them together. There is a sense of satisfaction, of knowing how to allow something new to bond naturally.

When we participate and co-create with the universe in this way, we move in harmony with things. If something is not working, take time to nourish the selfless act of not forcing it. Allow the texture to come apart so that it can breathe. This is a creative moment where the fabric can be rewoven in a new way, with new strength, and with new respect.

Solutions can be found by pausing and being mindful of the value of materials or perspectives. There is a reason for everything, a source at the root of things that needs acknowledgement and understanding. It will feel right when one element is not diminished at the expense of another. Each thread supports and upholds the other to reveal a majestic tapestry. Unity is balance, the still point between two things; chaos is the absence of balance, the absence of respect, the absence of light and dark, the absence of dialogue.

When the right conditions are present, we can move with ease to explore freely the truth of our intentions and desires. The Page of Wands signals a time where we emerge refreshed and re-engaged. We have a moment to take stock of where we are and decide where we want to go from here.

The page looks at the wand with no demands, only the gentle curiosity that surfaces when no conditions have been placed upon it. Whereto from here? Wherever your heart takes you.

Affirmation: If something doesn’t feel quite right, I take some time now to adjust my position and allow for life to flow freely. I am in harmony with my experience and my environment seeks to be in harmony with me. I understand the value of timing so that true and effortless balance exists between me and all things.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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