Your Week Ahead: February 20 to 26, 2022 – The Peace Of Forgiveness

9 of Swords, 10 of Pentacles, and 2 of Cups, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

Reconnecting or reconciliation is and will always be primarily a reflection of our inner balance and harmony. If we are running around, preoccupied with worldly pursuits without much room for our spiritual selves to be nourished, we will inevitably run into a wall of reactivity and frustration. We can lose sight of our core and could unconsciously step into more controlling behaviours as our outer world becomes increasingly chaotic.

Chaos is the absence of harmony. It is experienced as a separation from positive source energy, the antithesis of inspiration and flow. Chaos focuses narrowly on a push/pull relationship with whatever is in opposition. Since there is little to no balance, the desire to bring elements under control draws us into an exercise of will. We become involved in conflicts and the polar dualistic side of the problem.

This is the realm of projection, shadow material, and patterned unconscious reactions. The danger when we lose our centre is that we have less and less ability to see things objectively. Very often our emotions take over, continuing a downward spiral of disconnection where we push away people instead of bringing people closer together.

This week’s reading shows how conflict and pain, if unattended to, can create barriers around us that don’t serve us, and in fact cut us off further from the unconditional qualities of joy and love. Knowing where we stand and being mindful of what needs tending to, we can guide ourselves back to feeling the wholeness and flow of solutions.

The message of the 9 of Swords is to notice how conflict has separated us from love and wisdom. We could have a sudden realization that wakes us up at night, being reminded of some past hurt either done to us or done by us. The key here is allow the pain to be acknowledged and then to be forgiven.

If we can do so, we climb the ladder of the swords and make use of their steps rather than being overwhelmed by them. Then we can leave the darkness of anger and control and reunite with the symbols of Venus and Astrology, as depicted on the blanket.

While the 10 of Pentacles can represent wealth, it also has the sensation that one may not even notice how blessings and magic surround us. This could be seen as the first step to reintegrating with our outside experience after a period of tension or withdrawal.

There may be an opportunity to feel our way through things and to gently take moments to appreciate the blessings we have all around us. People are there for us and they show up in their own way to support us. Restoring the flow is how we heal our relationship with ourselves and with others. Appreciation opens that gate and allows the flowing energy to once again permeate our lives.

When the time is right and when gentleness is offered as a gesture of the overflow of that energy, we naturally bring ourselves closer to loved ones. It is a manifestation of the love we recognize as the fabric of trust. It is a devotion, a spiritual practice, a way of life. Love and compassion is the great healer. It is space, freedom, open arms, and the beautiful balance between all things.

Affirmation: I forgive myself. I forgive everyone for everything. I appreciate all the love and blessings that continuously show up for me. My heart is open to the life giving and receiving flow of the unconditional universe. May I offer these qualities to others today, and tomorrow.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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