Your Week Ahead: February 27 to March 5, 2022 – Being Receptive

Queen of Swords, Queen of Pentacles, and Ace of Cups, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

The process by which we receive must obviously be preceded by a state in which we are receptive. But there are many who shut themselves off from blessings and provisions because they have too much of their own emotional weight that conceals or blocks something positive from entering. There is a higher emphasis placed on stories of pain and how things always tend to go opposite to what is wanted.

Confronted again and again by limiting viewpoints and interpreting events from a victim based perspective, they disassociate themselves from abundance and from thriving. In addition to this, there is the innate desire to validate the reoccurring negative experience by conversing with others about it and sharing mutual painful stories. Instead of arriving at solutions and healing, there is often only a perpetuation of a narrative that finds life in the apparent social bonding exercise.

While it may feel good to vent, the result is almost always a return to the disposition that is broken or worse, toxic. There are no solutions, only the continuation of a paradigm that keeps up walls and closes doors. Information that is positive and people that are uplifting are simply not in this space or vibration. What remains is an increased sense of isolation. This week, we have a reading that shows us a way out and that staying in our pain never serves us.

Instead of identifying oneself with a certain condition or experience, The Queen of Swords shows a very clear path forward. She shows us a method based on her own experiences of loss that takes us out rather than keeping us stagnant. She is sometimes referred to as a widow. However, she represents the pivot between remaining labeled as that term and welcoming something new. The pivot lies in her recognition of her worth.

It is not a self-recognition that exclaims it forcefully, as having anything to prove. Such an expression would only perpetuate the hurt in the statement, “I am not a victim and I will not be abused!” When one is truly at peace, there is no need to prove anything. One simply radiates those qualities. The other name we ascribe to this state is Wisdom.

This Queen is committed to truth and to the solutions of a brighter future. In her commitment, she is direct and undistracted. In our reading, she is pointing directly to where we need to go: the Queen of Pentacles.

I see the transition between these two Queens as the act of embodying our self-worth. It is no longer an intellectual exercise; we are expressing it. In our hands, and in our gaze of loving attention, we acknowledge something beautiful and lasting. This shows how we have decided to move forward and ahead in a very productive manner and with care. It also shows how such movement takes us higher and closer to our true purpose.

This is the gift of these two Queens. One directs us with wisdom away from self-defeating stagnation; the other opens us up and reconnects us with abundance and with the flow of energy in our lives. One can see this as separate experiences or as one process.

What comes about as a result is shown very lovingly in the Ace of Cups. Here, a dove representing the divine spirit, enters into the cup of overflowing source energy. The blessings of universal love and compassion is made available to us because of our receptivity. By raising our vibration, we have aligned ourselves with the hand that is in a sense, always reaching out to us.

We do our part by leaving behind that which does not serve us. It is a meeting, a reunion and an intangible effervescent touch of the divine. What the Ace tells us is that we can begin a new way of doing something because of the connection we have fostered and guided ourselves toward.

It is not that we initiate anything. It is we that are initiated. When we become aligned with the purity of Spirit, we are taken, uplifted, and transformed. All we did was place ourselves into the hands of compassion. The rest is taken care of.

Affirmation: All that I was, that I am, that I am meant to be – I place in the hands of Spirit.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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