Your Week Ahead: March 6 to 12, 2022 – A Psychic Cleanse

Child of Wands, 5 of Crystals, and Woman of Wands, from the Voyager Tarot created by James Wanless.

Our perceptions, and the beliefs we formulate based on them, will be a key influence this week. We are dipping below the surface, perhaps to touch a boundary or blockage, and perhaps to feel for what is holding us back. We could see this as a retreat and also as an opportunity to understand certain limiting factors. Limitation is a perception; we must understand why.

A perfect framework to embark on such an investigation would be to embody a state of least resistance as possible. That means being curious without demands. Intelligence and wisdom come later, after having applied a repeated scrutiny to our assumptions. Then we may draw conclusions where we apply the same level of accountability and awareness so that we don’t isolate ourselves from objectivity.

Before all of that is our innocent exploration as described in the Seeker or Child of Wands. Here, animal instinct is strong for it is a state before the intellect categorizes things and before the maturity of the adult applies it to the rest of our knowledge base.

If we look ahead to the Sensor or Woman of Wands, not only do we see the mature adult come into play, we are finding out what we need to get there. This would describe a certain degree of integration between two vantage points: What we want and what is keeping us from our desire.

When we have no expectations, life seems to open up and unfold on its own. Who is to say we have all the answers? Can any of us point to the moment of creation springing forth? If we look, we most often see that things move in a cyclical motion, more accurately, in spirals.

This describes things coming back to a seeming return but with the added spiralled perspective which provides the extra dimension of growth. Meaning, we never truly return to where we were; we come back with something special called wisdom, where we get to apply ourselves to similar situations but with a new approach.

If we get hung up on the idea that we are going through the same experiences, we get caught in the loop and miss an important exit point. That exit point is where we evaluate our perceptions and beliefs so that we can move into growth. This is described by the card Negativity or 5 of Crystals. If there is no honest evaluation of how we view things, there is no room for a solution.

What is helpful now is to identify how we say things. A very simple approach would be to ask ourselves, “Can I say that better?” When we monitor how we feel about what we say, we create a door. When we reframe our language, we enter that doorway and move into new territory. It’s a subtle shift but every one counts.

Sure, we may not get it right the first time and we may stumble around our words because of certain entrainments. However, there is always a rift that occurs when we break apart from a pattern. We are introducing new energy into an old paradigm. It can feel awkward and new, particularly if we are very interested in validating our views.

We must take out the condition of our response and introduce space where we see the response differently. We need attention here that is gentle enough to heal and persistent enough to create change. If we want a new experience, we must be devoted to it.

As we conclude this reading, elements of nourishment and devotion are distinctly presented in the Woman of Wands. She understands what is needed, what to let go of, and how to move about due to her attuned state. She has gotten off the old beaten track through the application of her maturity and her contact with her old perceptions.

Shedding them like a snake sheds it skin, she is reborn and renewed. Alignment with truth as a vibration is her main characterization. That disposition increases the opportunity for growth and an increased contact with new life and new experiences.

In her domain, the emphasis is placed on what is emitted from our core and the messages we send out. It deemphasizes toxicity as an external element over which we have no control or by which we seek to control. When we do this, we take responsibility for what we experience, how we experience it, and where we place our attention.

This is good work. It is effective work and the spiritual path. It is how we progress, evolve and learn about healing and what is healthy. The mind has the ability to regenerate through our devotion to how we view things. It is a step towards understanding our inherent positive create potential and how we get to participate with our desire as our reality.

Affirmation: I am here to grow and to become my most beautiful and productive self. I ask questions about my assumptions and want to learn how to see things differently. I take steps today to place myself on a path to success, not to prove anything and not to make any demands. I simply want to show up better than I did before.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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