Your Week Ahead: March 13 to 19, 2022 – A Solution Appears

6 of Cups, Ace of Crystals, and Universe, from the Voyager Tarot deck created by James Wanless.

What if we didn’t have the answer right away. Is that okay? Can we take a moment to calm our minds and our emotions? What if a solution was close at hand but we had yet to give ourselves space in order for clarity to arise? These questions can be helpful now as we look at this week’s reading.

The name of the 6 of Cups card is called Sorrow. However, it is more about allowing our emotional body to rest, to empty itself out. More, it is suggesting a kind of restoration. It describes a need for things to be emptied out and cleared of clutter. Being swept up in events in our lives has disturbed some inner peace and it appears we are craving some detachment.

Whatever this clutter was about, it was blocking a perspective or perhaps a new viewpoint that we couldn’t see past. When we see the Ace of Crystals, here called Brilliance, we experience great insight into things. So the energy of the preceding card is a telling indicator that the momentum in our lives need to slow down.

We may need some self care or time in meditation to calm things down. In this state, we can make room for something new to arise, and in this case, it feels rather easy. Deemphasizing the problem by taking ones attention away from it is often enough for us to be available to new information.

A kind of fog is lifting and we see through situations with directness. We are now fully available to a new impulse or decision. Because of our emotional rest, we are much less governed by them. Instead, our logic and intellect has taken over when we needed it most.

What we see as a result of this applied reasoning is a quick and effective result whereby we bring not only those elements to a successful conclusion, but we have already moved past it. The Universe card is the last major arcana card and it pivots between a concluding and commencing position.

If we look closely, any proper ending already has present within it the new paradigm. Concluding something doesn’t mean hitting a wall and saying, “we’re done!”. We are actually laying the framework for the path ahead. We don’t simply embody the solution and then stop. We crave the application of our sense of purpose. We graduate to apply ourselves, not to stop growing.

The movement from an ace card to a final card is showing that what is taking place is very quick. We’re not stopping along the way to integrate or process anything. Clarity here is providing a very accessible outcome to something of significance. The Universe card shows how we embody the growth period we just went through with profound results. It represents an accomplishment felt inwardly and experienced outwardly. It is telling us that we are ready for something more and that we have done well.

If you are pushing yourself, slow down and gently bring down the pace to a quiet pause. You will respond to circumstances better. You are being asked to clear your mind. When you do, I can assure you that the solutions you are looking for will be available and thus much more accessible. Beautiful things are waiting for you on the other side. What you do now will help you get there.

Affirmation: My peace of mind is most important to me now and I seek to find restoration and calm. In attending to my inner balance, I make space for new ideas and perspectives to arise. As I allow myself to be called forth, I welcome the opportunity to express myself anew. This is a wonderful moment of change and embodiment. Life is unfolding perfectly and I invite whatever I am ready for now.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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