Your Week Ahead: March 20 to 26, 2022 – The Impeccable Path

Ace of Crystals, 9 of Wands, and Man of Wands, from the Voyager Tarot created by James Wanless.

The birth of an idea is like the birth of anything; it requires care and nourishment. We can have long gaps in our lives when we’re not sure where we are going or how things will unfold. Then, suddenly a moment of clarity arises and we have an idea or creative impulse. It’s as if we see everything from beginning to end in one whole unit, perfect and finished. Or at least we sense its perfection. We have something to build on, that is certain.

This kind of brilliance is what the Ace of Crystals describes, and it starts us off this week very nicely. Life can intersect with opportunity on a metaphysical level as disparate elements come together in our mind. This can be an awakening to truth which we now have a unique and direct connection to.

Very few people take the time to tune into true clarity. A kind of reactivity permeates much of their lives. There is the suggestion of clear thinking but what is most often taking place is a strong reaction. While that can propel one to clarity by knowing what we don’t want, it might be helpful to take out the reactive ingredients so that we can calm our mind and experience its beautiful stillness.

When we react, we are choosing between two things: what we don’t want and what we want. This is a very basic definition. However, it is still based on the experience of the reaction. Meaning, we are not at our highest creative state. We are contextualizing our future by a problem or discomfort. In this way, we have a tendency to repeat negative situations because we are not stepping out of a cycle. Being creative means that energy is originating within us and is expressed outwardly. Being reactive is about responding to energy coming towards us.

Basing things on “what I don’t want” is a focus and thus an attraction of that very thing one doesn’t want. It is saying “I want that thing I don’t have yet because the ‘not having it’ is making me want it”, and so it is separate from us. We are always in the ‘wanting what we don’t have yet’ phase.

The idea here is to be more creative and allow the life of our intentions to be based on a visualization and the information we send it by way of our emotional response towards it. This is about joy and the fun of playfulness as we fill our minds with understated affirmations and positive unconditional messages. Here, understating things leaves room for the universe to surprise us with solutions while releaving our expectations of what should happen.

Leave out what is not wanted. Let it wash away. Instead, see the future as a clean slate, exactly as you would like it to be. At a certain point, we will need to examine our ideas, and like any good artist, make revisions based on the flow of life that we continuously strive to be immersed in.

This process of refinement is how integrity is applied. We take our ideas and apply them to the test of time, or at least the vision of the future. The 9 of Wands can also suggest a need to hold true to ourselves and even be prepared to go it alone and stand apart from the herd mentality where conformity and social expectation pull us unconsciously to places that don’t serve us. Here, we get to see if we’re on the right track.

Knowing when to stay the course is a commitment we place on ourselves based on our devotion to the hearth of our soul connection we stoke each day. Truth doesn’t ask permission; it is felt in our core. It is a raw unadulterated experience of light. This light is what takes us to the embodiment of our ideals.

When this embodiment takes place, it is not a filling in of some arbitrary space. It is fluid and dynamic. It is the ability to act decisively with agility and flexibility. The Man of Wands shows us how such mastery is obtained once we pass through the threshold or testing ground of our integrity.

While the Man of Wands doesn’t always mean action, it does mean that we have that ability to act, and quickly, because we have very little resistance or obscuration to what is authentic for us. We can thus move very swiftly with confidence towards many things. We have placed ourselves in a wonderful state whereby we implement specific goals. The Man of Wand’s agility is about knowing when to act and when not to. This is perhaps the strongest gift we give ourselves when we step into our power. It is the root of mindfulness and the root of harnessing our thought patterns.

This responsibility, or the ability to respond, sets you apart from others. You are noticed for all the right reasons, not because of your headstrong need to prove anything, but due to the embodiment of truth which you are effortlessly vibrating. You set the standard and your influence on your environment affects and inspires everyone around you. That is how the future is built.

Affirmation: It is okay that I have identified what I don’t want and where I don’t want to be. I understand the nature of these feelings and it provides me with useful information. I take this moment of feeling alive and gently turn myself to thoughts that make me feel better. As I bring my attention to those things, I offer my affirmations and take some time each day to visualize how I would like things to unfold. I understand that life is now providing me with a unique opportunity for growth, and in my dance with all that is coming to me, I feel deep appreciation for the blessings and abundance present in this very moment.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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