Your Week Ahead: March 27 to April 2, 2022 – Understanding Adaptation

Sage of Cups, 8 of Worlds, and 2 of Worlds, from the Voyager Tarot created by James Wanless.

Understanding how the currents of life flow, how we participate with an abundance of possibilities, and how we fit in the grand beautiful ecosystem and macrocosm provides us with a special and unique insight into our and others lives. We sense the interconnectedness of all things and have visions of how each of us are linked to source energy. This compassion feeds our joy and we effortlessly bring happiness into our lives and with those around us.

When we embody such a state, we create an oasis of healing where we can truly enjoy ourselves. The Sage of Cups describes such a state where we have not only brought wisdom but our natural inherent qualities. The Regenerator card tells us that we are experiencing a very close relationship to energy that is present everywhere. We only need to enjoy it.

This openness comes with time and maturity. The Sage quality here represents the ability to know much deeper aspects of abundance. We become an expression of the Earth, not just witnessing it. To express our vibration becomes an understanding of the vibration of the planet, of the environment, of nature, of pure positive energy. We are inseparable from it.

It appears, as we consider the Eight of Worlds, that we are allowing a shift in consciousness through this regeneration. Allowing life force to flow through us is guiding us toward pivoting between two aspects. We sense a purpose and we are in a good place to see how things are changing, or perhaps how we are changing – or more subtly, the need for change.

The shift will probably be about something physical or tangible, or how we relate to things on a day to day level, such as resources. There can be the awareness of a new plan and taking things to another level. We ourselves are changing and so are our resources. The growth potential is being shown to us and we can gain valuable insights now.

What is needed, however, is care. Coming to the Two of Worlds suggests a contraction of energy and a pause. We need to be patient and enjoy the process of growth. Anything to the contrary will not be helpful and will only encourage a distorted viewpoint. To reflect now is to be at peace with things. There is more to learn and more to consider.

Being reflective means being in harmony with change. This card is closely linked to The High Priestess, and so her energy is informing us to be calm and conservative. There may be time for action later. For now, meditation and detachment will aid us in soothing any anxieties that could have surfaced with the changes being felt. Be calm. All is well. Keep connected to that cosmic beacon of light and of thriving, and the path will surely present itself.

Affirmation: I am at peace with all things. I allow myself to experience growth because I recognize the beauty within it. I relax and know that everything I need to understand will be understood. Everything that needs to be done will be presented to me at the perfect time and I will take action that is inspired.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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