Your Week Ahead: April 3 to 9, 2022 – Our Glowing Heart

9 of Worlds, 10 of Cups, and Sun, from the Voyager Tarot created by James Wanless.

Solar energy dominates this week’s reading, showing a very outward, future oriented and positivity driven attitude. Our actions are lined up with our purpose and we are making progress in wonderful productive ways. In this spread, there are no obstacles, nothing to be cautious of, no red flags to be mindful of; just a natural progression into a very expressive and sincere state of being.

Harvesting our “crops” is about seeing things through to their completion. We can also view this as a period of perseverance and self-reliance where we draw on our inner strength and vision to bring to fulfillment an aim or goal. When we planted our “seeds” at the beginning of this process, we couldn’t tell if things would grow well, what the weather would be, and if anything would bear fruit.

By tuning into something larger or more subtle, we felt ourselves connected to a cycle of growth that was undeniable. Like a crest of energy or an ocean wave, we accessed this growth and fed it with intention and love. The 9 of Worlds is reflecting back at us this quality of devotion.

The message here is about bringing to conclusion a very fruitful period of growth and application. We get to enjoy the results of our labours, and by producing abundance, we get to share that energy with others. In this way, we begin to see our value in a very tangible way, not just as an idea or potential.

This recognition allows us to be more open and expressive. We suddenly find ourselves being the embodiment of this journey. Our emotional selves become vibrant and we are the receivers of praise and acknowledgement. The passion of the 10 of Cups is telling us to have no fear and to go for whatever we want.

Confidence shines naturally from us and we radiate warmth, bringing inspiration and energy to our environment. We are not just harvesting our crops; here, we are enjoying them with well deserved abundance and prosperity. This can be something physical or something felt inwardly.

When we have more than enough, our joy is not conditional to a result; it is the understanding of the deep connection to Source and to feel the powerful oneness of that inseparability. The Sun card represents precisely that. The metaphoric Sun, the centre of our Solar System, this gravitational pull, this powerhouse of Life: it is our core, our Solar Plexus and our most immediate and physical connection to our higher being.

This week’s spread deserves some meditation. Something very profound is being given to us. It is an awareness of a state of thriving and the understanding of the nature of limitation. We should take advantage of this moment because currently, our resistance to that thriving is noticeably small.

When we are less identified with conditions and thoughts which seek to hold us back, we become more conscious of true freedom and expansiveness. It is a time when we see where we place our emphasis. Where our focus lies, so will energy follow. And that energy will dominate everything. Now we understand that equation with a beautiful clarity. That is our purpose. That is why we are here, now, on this planet, in this time and in this body: to repeatedly come back to this awareness, to this light – to our truest most radiant nature.

Affirmation: I have done well to bring to fruition many of my aspirations. This is a moment of awakening and of understanding for me as I see the blessings and abundance all around me. I know that there will be many such periods of growth in the future and I see that as a way to continuously bring appreciation for all that I have learned and all that I am learning. I recognize the oneness of all things and I express this energy in my own unique voice. This is a powerful moment in my life where everything is taking me to a future filled with more such beautiful moments.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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let us be awake.

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