Your Week Ahead: April 10 to 16, 2022 – Meaningful Conclusions

9 of Worlds, Time-Space, and 5 of Wands, from the Voyager Tarot created by James Wanless.

Making way for new growth is a process whereby we cultivate what we have learned, what we have planted as intentions, and our value as we offer it out to the world. Our life is like a constant cycle of seasons, beginning with the reawakening of the soil, the planting of seeds, the tending to the field, and ultimately the harvest.

This week, our reading once again starts off with the Harvest card, the 9 of Worlds. We are being shown, or asked to see, something that has culminated. The process by which we feel or understand our worth and what we offer is an expression of this card. It is a feeling of gratification and gratitude, and understanding where we have come from.

When we experience a harvest, it is a physical and tangible sensation. We touch a part of ourselves that has come through a time of growth. We feel this growth and have a sense of accomplishment because we have something to express with it. It makes us feel useful, talented, resourceful, and valuable.

In a deeper sense, what seems to be opening up for us is an insight into a much larger framework. We may have visions of many cycles of maturation. What is different with this harvest is that we are letting go of a part of our identity. We affix many labels onto our ego as a way of grounding ourselves in an otherwise abstract experience of human life. Labels help our mind make sense of what we learn so that our internal reality blends with the external one.

The challenge is knowing which labels serve us and which do not. Identification with labels can be a huge limiting factor in realizing our true potential. The way to work with one’s identity is to allow room for new analysis of how we formulate our beliefs. There needs to be a time where we put our beliefs to the test before they root themselves in patterns of behaviour.

The scrutiny we place on our thoughts will go a long way in ensuring that we are not overly identified with a certain habituation or paradigm. The Time-Space card is about how this analysis is experienced. It gives us the opportunity to bring to the surface and release elements of our lives that don’t serve us. It is, in a sense, the cultivation of the new field where we till or turn over the soil.

This is a crucial period of preparation. Our next harvest will be based on the work we do now, so we can do well to take some time this week and examine the grandness of our life, where we would like to go, and what we can appreciate about our past so that we may bring a meaningful conclusion to it.

A new cycle doesn’t remove the similarity of previous experiences; it offers us a new way to interact with them.

The past is never negative; it is always a step towards the realization of one’s potential. If we can bring that kind of awareness to our past, we are immediately released from the momentum of its vibrational elements. This kind of attitude is how we can set ourselves up for success because we are less identified with the labels that that past experience was about.

When we look to the next card, the 5 of Wands or Oppression, we have the ability to understand how not to fall into certain patterns. A new cycle doesn’t remove the similarity of previous experiences; it offers us a new way to interact with them. Choice is an empowering feeling. It suggests the freedom to have a different outcome. When we choose differently, we are drawing on entirely new beliefs.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, one that reminds you of the past, see if you can create new language about how you view it. Bring a new approach to it so that instead of being held back by whatever is happening, you open the interaction up to new ideas and new labels. I AM… can be a beautiful way to start a new self-image. When we remove the labels imposed on us, we create the freedom to be who we want. I AM: That is what we can reach for now, more and more. It is limitless.

Affirmation: This moment is a wonderful opportunity for me to move ahead in new directions. I see where I have been and what I have learned. I understand that those experiences gave me incredible wisdom and perseverance. I draw on that wisdom so that I can bring new light and new awarenesses to what is unfolding now. My future is open and beautiful because I choose to see it that way. That is my devotion and my sacred mission.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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