Your Week Ahead: April 17 to 23, 2022 – Revealing My Smiling Face

Sun, 2 of Cups. and Woman of Cups, from the Voyager Tarot deck created by James Wanless.

When we shine our light in this world, we participate in an energy exchange. One does not merely and emptily radiate joy and think it goes nowhere nor came from anywhere. It is expressing something unique. This “something” was a quality we ourselves were exposed to and tapped into. It filled us with optimism. We felt inspired or “filled with Spirit”.

This is the energy of the cosmos. Every cell is infused with particles of molecular radiance. When we are under the Sun’s light, we connect to this radiance. It is as if every one of our cells becomes active and energized. We feel both at peace and eager to accomplish anything. Everything is easy because we are at play.

We start off the week not just feeling optimistic, but relaxed and at ease. The Sun represents a deeper more profound connection though. The sensation of boundlessness is present. It is an extroverted expression of ourselves and of the world. Nothing is held back. It is our inner solar energy just as much as an external source.

Next time you are outside under a beautiful Sun, look for the subtler feelings of abundance, of flowers, of green grass, of the blue sky, and of animals and people at play. There is no lack of enjoyment; only the invitation to take as much as one wants and needs.

This unconditional generosity fills us with so much that we naturally extend it to others. This is not some affected pity on someone we perceive as less fortunate. Such an attitude misses the Sun’s message entirely. It is like a game of throwing a ball to another person. We love getting the chance to throw as well as to receive it.

We don’t care if the ball is dropped or if we make fools of ourselves. Everyone is laughing. That is unconditional joy. No one “owns” joy. It is so beautifully shared. That image of interaction could also be a meditation on the 2 of Cups. This card tells us that it is as important to give as well as to receive. That very action is honouring the Sun’s radiant abundance.

Giving and receiving is a balance too. We do have to be mindful that we are not always doing one or the other. We can’t always be the Sun for others, for we would lose our balance and become drained. More importantly, we don’t want to deprive anyone from understanding how they need to connect to their own power source so that they understand the process of connecting to Source and expressing their own unique energetic voice.

“If we don’t have this inner balance, we won’t have it in our relationships.”

That is also a very profound message of the Sun card. Not every person flowers the same way. We each learn how to connect with Spirit, but it is the diversity of colours that shows how this energy is expressed. Then we begin to understand our worth, and so our self-esteem blooms ever more beautifully.

Inner esteem creates the balance we seek in our outward lives and the people we want to meet. Our relationships should be based on such mutual interactive appreciation. Such an approach is simply an extension of what we already feel inside. If we don’t have this inner balance, we won’t have it in our relationships.

Perhaps understanding this relationship between the Sun and the 2 of Cups can be seen in the Woman of Cups. She is so immersed in the flow of creation that she hardly stops to look around. She is not looking for an external fulfillment in others; her reservoir fills up with the constant replenishment provided to her by her repeated and devoted attention to her joy and her unending creative qualities.

Her garden is always blooming. There are a multitude of flowers, each representing an aspect of a particular line or song of her character. There simply is no end to her creative vision. All things are possible because she has forgotten the premise that life could be limiting.

We want to be around people like that. Not because we rely on their energy so that we may feel inspired, but because we feel joyful and happy because of their example. We celebrate such people and feel appreciation for those qualities that bring out the best in others.

Men, just as much as women, are called forth by the qualities of this card. The Woman suit nurtures life before it is directed and structured by the Man suit. To work with something, it first must be cultivated and appreciated. The Woman reaches for something below the surface, into the essence of it, and brings about its maturation.

In this spread, we in fact see a lovely balance between the masculine and feminine principles. Further, the Sun and Woman are linked energetically by the 2 of Cups, each supporting and flowing into each other. This is the equilibrium of the psyche.

The message for this week is to boldly and beautifully, be a part of life flowing through you. Touch this eternal spring within you so that you tap into a well of unending inspiration. Let it fill your spirit and share it as an expression of your unique voice. Become cleansed by its waters, by its wisdom, and by its love for you. You are a garden of unending possibilities. We need you here, right now, to show everyone what is possible.

Affirmation: I come forward now to participate with Joy. It is time to celebrate life and to abandon anything that doesn’t vibrate with my heart’s purpose. I drop any false narratives and masks and want people to see my truest most beautiful face. I smile and laugh and celebrate my freedom. Now is my awakening.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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let us be awake.

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