Your Week Ahead: April 24 to 30, 2022 – Opening The Mind

9 of Crystals, Sun, and Sage of Crystals, from the Voyager Tarot created by James Wanless.

The mind’s ability to focus can also be its undoing. We are endowed with a powerful tool: our logic and intellect. However, it can also become a trap whereby we occupy our mind with too many options, stories and goals. Focus can easily become oppressive when not looked after with mindfulness.

When we look at the 9 of Crystals more carefully, we see the imagery of caves and of mountains that surround us. Since the 9’s are closely attributed to The Hermit, the notion of caves, investigation and retreat come to mind. Certainly we benefit from this card’s suggestion that by honing into something particular this week could bring about powerful insights.

The risk is that we could lose ourselves in the process. We should be careful that what we probe doesn’t consume us and end up blocking our awareness about the larger picture. The danger here is obsessiveness. The mind can become darkened by its inability to consider things from a lighter more open and objective viewpoint.

“If we notice, wisdom comes forth from softness, from love, from openness…”

Replaying the chain of hurtful events, any past sore points, needing to convince someone of something until they “get it”, will only trap us in that psychological landscape. Here, we can get lost, and in continuous need of validation, by creating mental loops that really offer no solutions.

The idea behind the cave image is to relax the mind, not block it in. We become blocked when we become unhooked from wisdom. That is the key. If we notice, wisdom comes forth from softness, from love, from openness, and from cosmic connections and multi-dimension downloads. This means, from our inner radiance.

The Sun’s appearance again this week is an invitation to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. It is a message to us not to get stuck in the past and too fixated on what isn’t working. It is as if our cave suddenly becomes infused with a brilliant energy of consciousness bursting at the seams.

“Come out and smell the flowers!” the Sun beckons to us. In this reading, it is actually telling us that we would find more nourishment and refreshment by taking a break from meditation. So much can come to us by simply being in Nature and under a shining Sun if the weather is right.

This would also say to us that unfolding outwardly instead of folding inwardly might help alleviate an imbalance of energy at this time. By applying a positive and extroverted attitude to a darker or troublesome issue that may have been preoccupying us, could stop its momentum and grasp over us. The Sun is the relief of the 9 of Crystal’s narrowness.

When we experience this relief, we can often come to true and meaningful insights because our views are less fixated on problems. We have invited new energy into a closed environment and have cleared the cobwebs of a confusing matter.

This process allows a special kind of integration. This is when we grasp things from a much higher perspective. The Knower card or Sage of Crystals is describing exactly this kind of approach whereby we know things not by strict scrutiny, but by effortless understanding.

“When the mind is not heavy…it enters a kind of child-like curiosity where the simplest solutions and insights come so easily…”

Effortless here is about a relaxed mind. It is not set on figuring anything out. The Sage is the natural radiance and genius of our intellect. It is connected of a flow of information that is of an interconnected state of consciousness. We all have this and we all have the ability to tap into it.

The Sage is what I would describe as a playful use of profound mental presence. When the mind is not heavy or weighed down by its over-analyses, it enters a kind of child-like curiosity where the simplest solutions and insights come so easily and spontaneously as if brought in by the fresh breeze of an open window.

This week, don’t become enclosed in or fixated on the past, nor on repeating problems no matter how annoying or insolvable they may seem. Acknowledge these mental loops but invite yourself to leave them behind, and instead draw your attention to the beauty and radiance of the outside air, if even metaphorically. Then you just might see things differently and with a kind of gentle detachment that calms you and reassures you in the most meaningful ways and with the most profound peace of mind.

Affirmation: I understand my need to understand issues that are important to me. Today, I take myself out of unsolvable situations and reoccurring stories and into the fresh air. Where I am is perfect and where I am being led is beautifully unfolding. I allow wonderful solutions to arise naturally and I appreciate the perspectives that I gain now from my new state of being and my new higher vantage point. Now I see things clearly and in the way I am meant to see them.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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