Your Week Ahead: May 1 to 7, 2022 – Touching The Earth

6 of Worlds, 6 of Crystals, and Sage of Worlds, from the Voyager Tarot created by James Wanless.

Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse! As the eclipses begin today (another in two weeks), a lot of potent energy is flowing through our lives. We are effectively in a period where things are coming together and falling apart, and being cleansed away. This week’s reading shows clearly this process as elements break apart and are reformulated or reborn.

The number 6 in the minor arcana refers to the quality of The Lovers, the sixth card of the major arcana. The Lovers describes how elements come together and come apart. It is the balance between the individual and “the other”. It also represents the choice that emerges when we explore these elements and how we grow as a result of either new information or new influences.

Since we start and end with the Worlds suit, and deviate mid-reading with a Crystals suit, this suggests going in and out of the mind to determine what mental framework needs investigating. In order that we can make the most of what we are being called to learn, we should be prepared to let certain ideas, concepts or conditioning call apart.

This would characterize the realization that we are awakening to something, as if waking from a dream where we know where we have limited ourselves. Whether this limitation is about an external person, group or circumstance, the choice is ours on what to continue and what to pull away from. Information is being provided to us so that we can make some adjustments.

In the world and in nature, disparate elements have a way of co-existing with one another. That is why we can see this as a synergistic quality rather than a destructive one. When this happens on the mental plane, we can become lost in competing perspectives and find matters overwhelming or confusing.

Relationships are a key aspect in this reading. However, so is our individual maturity and mastery. Valuing and appreciating both, and understanding how each supports the other, will be a useful insight this week.

How we formulate relationships always comes back to the balance between what we can offer and what we can learn. “Learning” means being open to others or the other side. Since we stop along the way with the 6 of Crystals, what we offer and what we learn are being reassembled.

Perhaps our approach needs an adjustment. Or maybe how we always define things needs to loosen up so that we don’t always jump to the same interpretations about the way events play out in our lives. Pausing and seeing where we quickly make a judgment or an opinion might be a helpful way to work with this card. This could happen on our own or through the input of others. This is the interplay between these two six cards as they sit beside one another in this particular reading.

It’s okay not to know what to think right away. That is probably the sensation that will ultimately serve us most for the moment. “Not knowing” is like a blank slate. It feels awkward and yet full of potential. What is being borne out of confusion is more certainty, particularly as we get more opportunities to work with this new information or new way of producing results.

The Master or Sage of Worlds describes the state beyond certainty and into an effortless example of our gifts. We are never born “certain”; we evolve and build upon previous knowledge. So, what got swept away or reevaluated was just the clutter, not the entire structure. We are still the same person. We haven’t disappeared. We are the growth of multiple cycles of learning, relearning, accomplishments and failures. The understanding of these cycles is how the quality of the Sage is felt. It is the wisdom that emerges time and time again, shining out with our personal radiance and example.

If you are being offered an opportunity to participate with others, learn from them, grow with them, and bring that creative vitality into your life so that you can be the best of who you are. Then you will be the person that others will benefit from and who will inspire people around you.

This is the highest vibration of The Lovers energy and the way we touch the earth with reverence. It is the celebration of the individual and the relationship between individuals, each supporting and allowing growth and life to express itself.

Affirmation: This is a time for my expansion and growth. I make room for good people so that I can learn from them and understand how I can better myself through these interactions. I am excited to bring new knowledge into my life because I am understanding how to do things differently. I am becoming the better version of myself because this new emergence is coming into fruition from the seeds I have planted.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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let us be awake.

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