The Approaching Eclipse Season

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus – April 30, 2022

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – May 16, 2022

In my post for this week, I forgot to mention that we are now on approach to two significant eclipses. The first being April 30, a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus, and the second, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 16. BOTH these eclipses are very close to Uranus in Taurus and that energy is all about surprises, explosive releases, rebelliousness, and brilliant awakenings.

Why I felt it necessary to write this is to offer you the opportunity to tune into this special period of two to four weeks. Eclipse energy transforms us and opens up powerful periods of change as energy gets swept through our lives. Things can feel very accelerated. If we know about these forces ahead of time, we can view them as a very productive current to place our cherished dreams and intentions in.

If we can tap into this time intentionally, we will be less susceptible to seeing this energy as coming at us with little of our input or involvement. By allowing energy to flow through us is how we can participate in this time as a pattern setting event. This means doing what we love doing, what we have a heart connection to, visualizing what one wants and where one wants to go.

Since this eclipse energy has a staying power of six months to a year, these patterns have the potential to play out themes in our lives for a long period. So, it matters now more than ever what we do and what we focus on. We can benefit a lot by choosing wisely.

Our highest potential can become very accessible now, as well as tending to things gracefully that need to be released and put to rest. This is a time of endings just as it is about beginnings. Maybe both will be highlighted, or perhaps just one of these. It will be different for everyone. However, for every important birth, a metaphoric death is inevitable.

This is a concentration of energy and with Uranus in the mix in a very powerful way, we can really reinvent ourselves now in ways that have significant promise. Be open to seeing things differently. Be flexible about things in terms of getting to your goals. Sometimes the destination is not as important as the journey. Often, the end result changes with us and we find ourselves in a completely different place than we imagined. That can be the most important blessing that we can receive now.

As always, thanks for reading! Let’s show up and be on purpose. Lot’s of love…


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let us be awake.

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