Your Week Ahead: May 8 to 14, 2022 – The Art Of Adaptation

8 of Worlds, Balance, and Fool-Child, from the Voyager Tarot created by James Wanless.

The only constant is Change. We grow because of it, and are in a perpetual and infinite cycle of expansion because of our adaptability. The future becomes a playground for our yearning to be a part of this expansion. We feel alive when we are moving with the flow of change because that movement defies stagnation. This week highlights the need to tune into the ebb and flow of change, the give and take, and the releasing of the old in order to clear the way for the new.

The Balance card resides in the centre of this week’s reading, with the woman’s face staring directly at us in the middle of many aspects of our reality. We are poised between two stages; the sensation that elements are changing in a way as to cause us to release them, or more accurately, to transform them into something new.

We don’t always have to be leaving something behind in a kind of constant death cycle. However, things do have a way of becoming less important. It can feel as though the importance we place on certain elements of our lives slides up or down in degrees of priority. This can have a manifestational quality to them just as much as taking things off the vision board.

Balance is the point between two things. If we are ready to launch into something new, into a brand new initiative (Fool-Child), the Balance card suggests the pivot point between the preceding action that leads to that opening. What may be taking place is understanding how we need to get to where we want to be and going through a kind of reevaluation of how we manage our assets or resources.

Because of the stationing of Mercury Retrograde on Tuesday May 10, we want to bring closure to something. That will involve some looking into and sensing what needs to change (or better, recognizing that something is changing or has changed). The Balance card will feel like we’ve made peace with it.

Since peace is the stillness between two polarizing energies, and action and reaction, we can set up ourselves for a more successful outcome. We may need to trust a little that things will work out, but the Fool-Child indicates we have a joyful approach to something new that is unfolding. This suggests that we know inherently that whatever we are undertaking now is supporting our well-being and our heart’s purpose. This is our curiosity that has emerged from this peace.

What we launch into now has been born out of the transmuted or transfigured energy of the past, or of our approach to a past situation. What we may be learning along the way is a deeper relationship with our resources so that our future is more aligned with a sustainable vision.

It might be helpful to remind ourselves that we are always working with two realities: one that is vibrational, and one that is physical. Vibration always precedes the physical; the physical contains the vibration. In this way, we are constant creators and are not afraid of change. Every moment becomes an opportunity to be more of who we truly are.

Affirmation: I am always in flux, always changing and in perpetual growth. I understand how vital this process is for me and I value what I learn about myself and my gifts along the way. I see clearer ways of applying myself and seek to bring more harmony and peace into my life because I understand how to ‘flow to follow’ the impulses that the universe is sending me every day.

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Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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3 thoughts on “Your Week Ahead: May 8 to 14, 2022 – The Art Of Adaptation

  1. very true, we know that it takes courage and strength of character to work with changes in a positive way; your post encourages to do so, thank you

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