Your Week Ahead: May 15 to 21, 2022 – Seeing the Illusion

Sage of Wands, Sage of Cups, and 9 of Wands, from the Voyager Tarot created by James Wanless.

This week, we are riding a very special wave of energy, one that is connected with our Mastery. This level of insight is not just profound, it is necessary and comes to us with ease. It will help us to sort out what is true and what is false, even if that means breaking away from the heard or other people’s expectations of how we should behave.

Having two Sage cards beside one another can show how the suits of Wands and Cups work together. When we become attuned to our higher selves (Wands), our purpose is much more accessible. This level of connection is derived from our dedication to our path and what holds up to a strength of validity that only we have quantified. An understanding on this level provides us with the ability to stay above certain emotional currents that tend to pull us either down or away from our centre by clouding the landscape with debris that we could otherwise react to or get lost in.

The “Seer” card tells us that we are very aware of the undercurrents and vibrational qualities in our environment. Further, our awareness informs us of what is wholesome, productive, and vibrant because we are participating with this information on a higher level or from a higher perspective.

Just as the air is cleaner in the mountains, so too is our mind when it is elevated from the mundane crisscrossing confusion that influences our focus. The Sage of Wands represents the ability to know how this energy works and to apply a natural response that is refined, clean, untarnished, aligned, and attuned to the universe and to ourselves.

When we have this ability to see into things, we also get to apply our emotional wisdom so that our lives are filled with joy and exuberance. Rising above entanglements and bathing in the clean refreshing waters of those mountain streams not only cleanses our mindstream but also allows us to provide this environment for others.

Sages are examples. They are those wise teachers and elders. They are our wisest aspect of our psyche. They show us how to rise above the confusion and mess of a cluttered world and to operate in clarity. What we seem to be applying this to is the need to stand on our own and not be surprised if being at the top feels a bit lonely.

Many people find it hard to step away from groups because of the inherent inclusion and need for validation that groups provide. If we can’t step away because of a fear of being on our own, then we will generally choose groups that could contribute to an imbalanced need for approval that might undermine our true path and purpose.

Standing alone is the dedication we feel to what is right for ourselves. The Sages are informing us of that clarity and they are helping us to tune into that information. The 9 of Wands says, hold onto that clarity because it is the most authentic path to our future. Have the courage to go it alone and walk away from people, environments or mindsets that don’t serve you anymore. This is an initiation into a higher level of understanding and of operating in the world.

Affirmation: I value the insights I gain right now. I understand how my ability to know myself provides me with greater and greater emotional capacity and for creating a space to be joyfully myself. If my wisdom and joy are examples to others, all the more wonderful. The light that I shine in the world is my laughter and my knowing of what is authentic for me. This is the light that I stand in.

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Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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