Your Week Ahead: May 22 to 28, 2022 – In Our Hands

Queen of Pentacles, Strength, and Queen of Cups, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

What is true power? What is its source and how do we express it in the world? What is the value of power when we express it and potentially influence our surroundings? These are some questions that we could be asking this week as we are put into contact with a very tangible force.

If we look at the progression between each card, the answer to these questions are about knowing the differences between exertion and restraint. There is a prevailing gentleness throughout them all that will give us plenty of access to kindness and self-knowing. What we learn about ourselves is about an authenticity in how we let something deep within us come out. Authenticity here means we have power in our hands and we get to decide how to work with it.

Each card is holding something of great value. Each valuable element is an aspect of ourselves, and each of those in turn are linked. The pentacle could suggest how we would like to be treated, how we feel about ourselves and what we would like to have in our lives that sustains us with nourishment.

That pentacle transforms into a lion and describes not just a very pronounced need for that desire to come out, but a heightened opportunity to work with it and to make it happen. We become very aware of what is important to us, but we need to guide it lest it run loose and wild.

That pentacle/lion then makes a final transformation into a cup. The ability to harness something powerful becomes a creative potentiality that needs to serve us and our character. We will need to know how to work with something so that it becomes malleable and useful.

The Queen of Pentacles is at home in her garden. She knows inherently what is productive and healthy. Her inclination to wellness is a direct result of her connection to the earth and its sustaining qualities of deep regenerative energy.

Having those qualities shine out as a transfigured lion is showing how something of vital importance is coming out, almost erupting from within us. If we don’t work with it in a mindful way, we will simply dominate others and let ourselves go to anger and tangents, leaving people confused and uncomfortable.

This is our power; we must understand that power. Raw and unfiltered, we must be guided and channeled, that is our responsibility. It is also a commitment we place on ourselves so that we operate with kindness. This will in turn provide others with the information they need to support us. Otherwise, the result will only lead to greater isolation for both ourselves as we push people away, and others who don’t know what they are doing wrong.

The solution, however, is so softly addressed by the dominance of feminine energy here. This is not to suggest that being a woman is only about being soft and gentle. The quality here is describing the feminine archetype which is encouraging receptivity, nourishment, bonding, and unconditionality. These qualities are within each of us.

When we understand that, we become a positive emitter of creative force. This force is recognized and utilized by the Queen of Cups. She sees the pentacle/lion power source as something of immense value that she can work with and express. She invites us to enjoy what she has created and inspires us to create something for ourselves. The environment becomes open and warm where everyone has a voice. Vibration is lifted to a higher level where our value shines with a new and fresh vitality.

If you find yourself this week where you seem to be bursting at the seams with the heat of your desires calling to come out, see if you can put your hands around it, calm it down and kindly feed it with loving thoughts of self-worth and self-love. What you will tap into is a new radiant aspect of yourself, a beacon of inspiration that we all need to be around right now. Be a leader, a true leader, and show us what we all need to see.

Affirmation: I know what I want and I feel all my cells awakening to a powerful truth that is yearning to be heard. I understand this yearning and I love myself for having powerful desires. It is my purpose becoming alive and strong. I guide myself to knowing how to work effectively with the information that is surfacing now because I want to be in harmony with all the wonderful solutions and beautiful outcomes that will serve my well-being.

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Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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