Your Week Ahead: June 5 to 11, 2022 – The Joy Of Birds

The Lovers, 4 of Cups, and 2 of Pentacles, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

When we connect to our heart centre and to Spirit, all things are possible. We become surrounded by solutions. Even the most daunting tasks become effortless and joyful when we put ourselves into a stream of appreciation, especially for the simplest things. The universe is surprisingly uncomplicated. It is we who complicate things by losing ourselves in the distractions of illusions and getting caught in their emotional turbulence.

The equanimity that is Source energy is the peace that is experienced when we untangle ourselves from heavy or binding circumstances. St. Francis said in his Sermon to the Birds: “My sweet little sisters, birds of the sky, you are bound to heaven, to God, your Creator. In every beat of your wings and every note of your songs, praise Him. He has given you the greatest of gifts, the freedom of the air. You neither sow, nor reap, yet God provides for you the most delicious food, rivers and lakes to quench your thirst, mountains and valleys for your home, tall trees to build your nests, and the most beautiful clothing: a change of feathers with every season. Clearly, our Creator loves you dearly, since He gives you gifts so abundantly.”

This week’s reading suggests the importance of connection: to source and to one another. In our relationships, we often meet our opposites, our shadows, and our path in life through the responses of others. We learn through the power of the universe speaking to us through a multitude of interactions. We learn and grow by means of a magical and mystical connection to information.

We may at times feel comforted, and at other times disgusted or even angry. The key is to understand what is being presented to us so that we may offer appreciation for a lesson, a piece of advise, or even our shadow telling us how a different perspective is needed. If we meet someone who we feel is glutenous, rude or greedy, could we accept this reaction as needing to heal or forgive our own obsessiveness? Or to soothe our need for love and affection?

We are all in need of something. In our dualistic existence, we can easily become separated from the unity and oneness that is source energy. Becoming disoriented, we can project many kinds of desire and control upon our environment in an effort to correct this imbalance. Unity, however, is not obtained by forcing everyone to do what we think is proper. That is the shadow of unity.

The meanings of The Lovers and the 4 of Cups highlights the point where we become disconnected. In The Lovers, we are blessed with abundance. In this reading, it shows an energy of flowing love in our interaction with life and the desire we feel as we experience the purity of our yearning.

As we move into the 4 of Cups, that energy becomes condensed into its essence: the Ace of Cups. However, we don’t see it. Something internal has created a sense of separation. This can be likened to coming off of a high of endorphins and then wondering where things went astray.

The key here is perhaps not to put any high expectations on things and simply find a higher emotional ground or perspective so that we stay in touch with those abundant qualities. We may have obligations but we can always keep our heart open. That openness will yield to us many blessings so that any difficulties we experience always has the hand of love guiding us and giving us the information we need. Another word for this would be: surrender.

The dancer in the 2 of Pentacles can seem to enjoy the play of his involvement in the world. He is a little caught up between things, but there is present here an inclination to the benefits of simplicity. Things are not complicated. They could just feel a little busy. But as the eternity symbol is encircled between the two disks, we are reminded once again of The Lovers card and its energy of holistic unity.

Opposite energies becomes a useful tool to empower ourselves beyond what our efforts alone give us. We can keep things together because of how we honour the sacredness of our relationship to source and to others. A dance is the understanding of balance and of how we use joy to move about. Being thrown around the room is the opposite: where we don’t listen, we don’t interact, we lose our light hearted smile amidst the movement that is Life and Growth. If you step on some toes, it’s okay to laugh about it! In that laughter, you will find some simple yet incredibly profound messages. And the relief that comes will show you exactly what those messages are about.

Affirmation: My life is divinely guided. I know that when I take time to appreciate my connection to the abundance of the universe, my joy increases, my health increases, and my invitation to all solutions are broadcasted with outstretched arms.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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