Your Week Ahead: September 25 to October 1, 2022 – Promotions

The Sun, Page of Pentacles, and Wheel of Fortune, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

What creates meaningful opportunities? How do we create our future conditions? How can we approach uncertainty? What is our best tool for success? One word possibly comes to mind: Curiosity.

When we are curious, we are fundamentally in a positive mental state. Being curious feels relaxed and without resistance. It holds very little attachment to the past because one cannot face two directions simultaneously. It is not defined by an old story but by a future potential that holds promise. Being curious is inherently open and trusting. This is how we create not only our future conditions but the manner in which we operate in it.

This week’s reading is a clear message to us about how we affect our experience by the proper setup of our mental framework. Furthermore, we see how we move in concert with a flow of energy that is presenting a progressive motion (promotion) forward because of our ease and gentle affirmation.

An exercise in being curious would be to observe how many times we say yes to something and how many times we say no. Now, examine the reasons we would say either yes or no. Do we only say yes to things that are familiar and no to things that are uncertain?

What criteria allows us to be open to something fresh and new? Is it other people’s approval? Is it enough money? Is it being too fixated on what needs to happen first in order to consider a different scenario? These are all important questions and many of us don’t ask them deeply enough.

What we are given, or what we feel strongly at the start of this week is The Sun’s optimistic openness. It signals a period of conscious positivity where our relaxation under its rays gives us hope. The sense that all things are possible and that life is not so tragic and unforgiving. The Sun is about the abundance for all to enjoy.

We are boosted, bolstered and buoyed by the feeling that there is nothing to fear. Our concerns have kind of evaporated and we are under clear sunny skies with no schedule and no limitations. Here we can be child-like again where we can play around on the lawn and have fun.

The Sun is a profound connection to source, not just about the innocence of being carefree. All too often we get caught up in the entanglements of this world along with the hurts and pains we encounter and our need to set things right. We forget about the warmth of this cosmic powerhouse and lose touch with our higher selves. The Sun allows us to return to our heart centre, relaxes our tension and opens our pores to pure positive energy.

Our minds and hearts are once again fertile and unconditional. To be without conditions. That is perhaps something to think about now. Removing our conditional needs, we invite the universe to fill in that space with a blessing and some fresh air. This requires faith, trust, and yes, curiosity.

As the toddler progresses into the inquisitive nature of the page, we see how we take something with us in the pentacle that the page holds tenderly. Its solar energy is contained within it and is highlighting the potential blossoming of our intentions. The page is so undemanding. It asks questions of the pentacle. He receives visions and the future feels bright and full of possibility.

There is a sensation here that no real action is required, just being tuned into the magic of how life presents us with everything we need when we need it. That providence is how The Sun’s message comes to us in our daily experience. Nothing is forced; everything is invited.

There is a stillness to the page in his poised gaze. He is working with The Sun’s energy to guide his wishes with statements of “what if…” and “I look forward to…” and “show me what is needed now.”

In this landscape where nothing is expected and everything is possible, The Wheel of Fortune turns. A change occurs and takes us to something new. This card almost always signals a time of positive growth. The cards preceding it only highlight this meaning.

Factors that could have been holding us back have faded into the background and no longer have relevance. Other things gain more prominence that give us a chance to excel and move ahead. We have allowed this shift to occur with grace because of our willingness to be open.

Within the nucleus of the wheel lies the still point and the observation (or realization) of how we move with a life force that pulls us higher with maturation and awareness. We embody our highest potential through the cycles of time and the movement of change within and without.

The shifts and movement this week could be great or small. What is evident is the way we participate with it that opens the way to what is wholesome and meaningful. If we are gentle and playful, then the path is full of happiness, joy and blessings.

Affirmation: This is a time for me to recognize all the good things in my life and how everything is looked after. My worries are becoming more calm and less important. Being presented with an opportunity to grow, I feel open and curious about what that is about. I let myself be guided to what is new and allow it to unfold naturally. I am truly blessed.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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