Your Week Ahead: September 18 to 24, 2022 – Maturing Through Desire

The Sun, 7 of Cups, and Queen of Wands, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

How will we know what to become if we have no connection to desire? We could be aimlessly wandering in the shadows of other people or other’s expectations of us if it weren’t for our desire. When we make contact with that powerful source of energy within us, we feel alive and propelled by a force that is unstoppable and impossible to ignore.

We could view this force as the principle energy behind all things: an intention to become its manifested self. It is a seed of an oak tree with all of its deep roots and strong branches contained within a nucleus, wanting only to grow down and out into the universe.

Desire itself is free from all inhibitions and all notions of limitation. It could be seen as our inner nature wanting to burst free of mundane definitions and labels, and into the sublime luminosity of enlightenment. In this way, desire can be seen as a gateway to the infinite.

If we look from a non-physical perspective, or a premise that doesn’t use labels, then we might have a glimpse into what “becoming” could mean and the energy behind it. The idea that we need to powerfully break away from or become something could feel like tension and struggle, and the need to address something oppressive. On the other hand, if desire is too weak or too accepting, then it might lack the ability to get our attention.

Here, I use words to describe something as outside ourselves for the purpose of discussion. We are in a sense working our way inwards, first from a dualistic experience, and then to an identification and unification with forward moving potential.

Sometimes, contrasting events in our lives makes us aware of what we really want, or what is missing (and so the need to correct imbalances). Something bubbles up from our unconscious and stirs us. Through discomfort comes clarity. This is one example.

Another approach to letting desire come forward is through calmness and ease. It isn’t a complacent place, one that has no appreciation for life and of living. It is an “at peaceness” with contrast, containing within it the understanding that we don’t grow in straight lines. From this perspective, we have gratitude for all the curves and tumbles, and also the new vistas which come to us as a result.

We can experience our desire in this way as a natural force of cosmic energy that becomes greater than itself because of the manner in which it becomes manifest. Becoming greater means that, whatever gave rise to the intention to become something, has already been fulfilled. In that state, our desire has then already identified a new state of becoming to then find vibrational harmony and peace with. Once that harmony is acheived, the affirmation is made real, and the cycle continues.

This is why many often say that they met a beautiful person when they weren’t even looking for a relationship. Or, that perfect job, home, etc. arrived when they let go of when or how it would come about. This is our desire at work; it is an interplay with contrast, the need for a change in our experience, and the peace of acceptance – or in a word: Appreciation.

It is also important to understand the sexual nature of desire and its roots in our psyche as a primordial energy. Without getting too technical, if we examine the nature of our kundalini energy and its passing through several psychological states of being, known as the chakras, then we can also see how desire breaks through many layers in order to reach its objective: the unity with singular consciousness.

Understanding how desire is expressed through various centers is ultimately how we use its multi-dimensional expression for our highest purpose. The key is how desire is never shut down or ignored; it is welcomed, invited and nourished, even through our shadow material. We want to unlock our potential through our continual transforming experiences with our world.

When we look at the individuation process, we see how sexuality and desire work closely to open new pathways to personal expression. Separating ourselves from the models given to us by our parents or guardians, even authority figures like bosses, allows our psychology to break out into new ground and create responses to our world that are highly individual. We want something deeply personal to emerge and our sexual desire is very much at the root of that.

The sexual nature of desire could make many feel uncomfortable and that is an important sensation to notice and respect. For some, sexuality is expressed creatively. Feeling one’s desire is an attunement to something multifaceted and cannot be reduced to just a few descriptions. The point here is that it is unmistakable.

If we go through our lives avoiding this aspect of ourselves and burying it, we may find ourselves increasingly tense and uneasy. This force will want to break free at some point and we will not be able to control it any longer. The Tower card is a good example of how our psychic landscape can crumble under the fractures of neglect and avoidance.

Desire puts one in direct contact with what one wants. If we don’t know what that is, then the path becomes less clear and we need to work at what is clouding our life purpose. So much of our lack of confidence comes from being taken away from understanding what one wants and how that unity with the self gets put aside.

Within this week’s reading lies a series of key energetic points that characterize our maturation through desire. I worked backwards in this reading, starting with The Queen of Wands. Here she represents the human need for desire and how her attention to it has brought about its relaxed expression.

The Sun is therefor showing our inherent connection to source energy without the limitations and responsibilities of adult life. The toddler riding naked on the pony with outstreached arms indicates the freedom of expression we have at that age. We are experiencing life unconditionally and are supported in all ways we want. There is not even the mention of lack, only the notion that we have all that we need – as long as we are open to it.

And funnily enough, the mundane enters with the 7 of Cups. “How can I possibly have this! That is impossible. If that happened, I couldn’t really handle it. I am not ready. I am not worthy. I feel guilty for even considering this!” This is how limitation creeps back into our minds when our desire is unlocked.

It seems like such an odd thing that we should keep ourselves away from what we want. The key here is not to suppress any guilt or resistance, and not to blindly grab after anything in reaction to how we feel or because we don’t have something. Desire reveals a lot of information because it opens many psychic doors. Relax and be at ease. Not everything is worth exploring. What is important is to stay open and to notice.

That toddler took one of those sunflowers and held on to it. Now, as the queen, she holds on to it tenderly as a remberance of younger, freer years. With her other hand holding her wand, she knows who she is and what she wants. She is never bitter or resentful for she has made peace with herself.

Her black cat is her companion, showing her peace with the void and her shadow. Her dark side has become her feline friend and guardian. The queen’s open posture reveals her powerful nature, and her gaze toward the future is her message about becoming the most beautiful and radiant person, free from limitation. She embodies a force of attraction that draws to her all that she wants. We are relaxed around her because her energy flows freely. We feel more connected to ourselves around her because she is an example of inner connection. Her message to us is not “Know Thyself”, but: “Become Thyself”.

Affirmation: I allow myself to come into contact with all that I truly desire. I embrace all that I am and all that I need. It is okay if I stir up voices within me that create doubts. I am at peace with it. Within this peace, may my true voice come forth and gently guide me forward.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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