Your Week Ahead: September 11 to 17, 2022 – Preparing The Way

The Emperor, Knight of Wands, and The Fool, from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

Often, there is much around us that moves so quickly that we feel swept up in its current with the sensation that we have no real ability to affect it. We can easily shift to the view that events come at us, rather than being internally generated, and that require our reaction. The feeling of being creative becomes obscured by us hanging on to energy that pulls and pushes us.

The key here is not to get overwhelmed and not to get too identified with one kind of definition of an experience. We are not without creativity and we most certainly are not victims of circumstance. The Emperor sits grounded on his throne and he is called to observe.

He represents a time of structure, of planning and of foresight. His energy is one that takes responsibility for his experience and self-actualizes his intentions so that things can fall into a cohesive system. By doing so, he prepares the way for smoother interactions and affairs.

Organization shifts the mindset toward fluidity and the restoration of logical ways of operating. He reintroduces a sense of grounded calmness and is an example of leadership. Personally, I have always been impressed with those who don’t focus on what is wrong, but completely introduce new productive energy pointed in the direction of solutions. It’s like getting out of a dark cluttered room and into a new room with a bright window and new resources. I used to work with an Executive Director of a music ensemble who had these gifts and he was a great example of leadership. One could have a really bad day and he’d just get you going in the right direction so easily.

They seem to jump right in with people and situations so that everyone feels steered in a productive manner. They understand that raw energy is there just needing to be harnessed and guided. They inspire us because of their recognition that everyone is talented, powerful, and resourceful.

His ability to restore teamwork is how The Emperor operates from a larger perspective. Once that is in place, he allows the momentum of that positivity to continue by his identification with productive solutions, rather than lower vibrational labels that keep things stagnant.

This approach is what can inspire new talents to emerge. As the Knight of Wands jumps in, we see clearly how our energy is uplifted and directed towards new pursuits and objectives. The knight has been given the opportunity to explore new lands so that a brand new project can begin.

This new initiative is further highlighted by The Fool who, with open arms, welcomes a new day and a new life cycle. Who knows what, when or how, says the fool. It only matters that we begin and that we be curious. True curiousity requires that the past be left behind along with all of its labels.

Only when we drop the old, do we truly open ourselves to the new. The Fool’s energy is about reconnecting to how energy flows into our lives. It is about freedom, of surrender and of trust. There is a new path to explore, new connections to make, and new ways to think about things. A new world opens before us; all we have to do is keep walking and offer our smile.

Affirmation: I can take some time now to organize my inner and outer space, and to see how I can plan more effectively and productively. I take a calm, structured approach so that I may allow a fresh start to emerge. The freshness I feel lifts my spirits and I feel myself open to this beautiful new cycle being given to me.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful week!

Daniel Palmo

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